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Transitioning from childminder to nursery

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Dietcokeobsession Wed 26-Sep-18 08:14:18

Will shortly be transitioning my DD (age 2.2) from childminder to a nursery setting. Any tips on how to make the transition easier? Has anyone done the same? DD loves her CM but reliability and lack of stimulation has become an issue.

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HSMMaCM Wed 26-Sep-18 08:45:57

It should be fine. Have nursery offered some settling in sessions.

Don't make a big deal of it and your DC will just think it's the next stage they move on to.

Dietcokeobsession Wed 26-Sep-18 08:55:41

Thank you for replying and for the reassurance. Yes they offer unlimited settling in sessions so I think i'll do 3 to start and see how we go.

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HSMMaCM Wed 26-Sep-18 13:30:06

3 should be fine. They're used to being away from you in childcare, so just need to suss out the new place.

Good luck.

Dietcokeobsession Wed 26-Sep-18 14:24:19

Very true thank you smile

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spinabifidamom Wed 26-Sep-18 21:47:14

I’m sure it’s fine. Best of luck. My advice is to settle her in gradually. My stepdaughter initially went to nursery a while back. We found that observing the children and talking with other parents helped us immensely. Also seeing pictures of any artwork during our tour of the place. Trust your gut feeling. Don’t worry too much. One more thing, do see any outdoor area.

Dietcokeobsession Thu 27-Sep-18 09:51:24

Thank you how long a settling in period did your DSD have?

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