Nurseries in Streatham Hill & Balham, London

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RochelleVeronica Wed 12-Sep-18 18:22:37

Hello Lovely Ppl,

I'm a FTM returning to work in Feb / March next year when my LO will be 1 years old. Nervous, apprehensive, emotional, excited...all the normal emotions I expect.

I've read the Ofsted and done lots of online reviews etc but would e so grateful for any comments n the following nurseries and any suggestions for any other nurseries in this area....

1) Abacus Nursery - Balham, Streatham Hill and Palace Road Branches
2) Eveline Day School - Trinity Crescent, Ritherdon Road and Balham High Road Branches
3) Balham Rainbow Nursery
4) Beechwood Nursery, Streatham

Any and as much info, good bad or ugly but hopefully great about these nurseries would be ever so helpful!!!


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RochelleVeronica Wed 12-Sep-18 18:23:33

Apologies for all the typo's! Im typing on the go!

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