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Help should I change him to a different nursery

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evolution08 Wed 05-Sep-18 16:49:14

Hello I have a little boy who is nearly four in nov he has been going to this nursery since he was two and has made lots of friends which is fantastic he also is behind in his speech so I was delighted he had made so many friends but all his friends have now gone off to school but the school he is going to doesn’t take on until next january so I left him at the nursery but I feel he has no one and all the new starters aren’t old enough to be making him progress with his speech so do you think I should move him to the school that takes on earlier or leave him there and see how he goes it’s only three months but he has been doing so well with his speech and I worry with all the new starters he will get forgotten and with start not like going any help would be great I’m beating myself up about it as we have just moved so that’s why he isn’t going to the closest school to his nursery anymore

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