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Has anyone out their young DD in for just ONE day?

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Isabella26xx Thu 23-Aug-18 14:38:48

Hi a bit worried,

I've only put my 9 month old DD in nursery for one day a week. This is because I extended my hours before the summer so when I go back to work I'll be doing 4 days instead of 3.

I'm lucky cos the other days she's taken care of by dads family.

So never been left with anyone but family who she sees at least once a week. I'm apprehensive because the nursery manager said they can become unsettled and it would take a longer period for her to settle rather than someone who goes regularly

I know I should have chosen childminder but having a lot of issues with babies dad about that, he wants nursery as thinks it's better
Just wondering if anyone can share any stories bad or good (as it's comforting either way) and/or tips to help settle
I'm dreading it sad

I've got many questions like if she cries but doesn't feel comforted with anyone because she's not familiar what can they do?
Also, she is very clingy so tends to cry or follow you if you leave the room but don't know how she'll get on in a nursery setting


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Bouncingbelle Thu 23-Aug-18 22:41:59

My wee boy only goes 1 day a week at the moment and we dont have any issues. He did 3 hour-long settling in sessions and settled no bother.

Isabella26xx Thu 23-Aug-18 23:41:58


Thanks I don't seem to have gotten any response to this which has worried me even mire slightly! How old is ur boy? How many settling in sessions did he do

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BackforGood Thu 23-Aug-18 23:53:00

Does depend on the dc.
Lots of little ones go for one day a week and manage fine.
Generally though, if it were possible, it probably would help little ones to settle if they did the same hours at Nursery, spread across 2 or even 3 shorter days.
We all do what we can, to fit in with everything else in our lives though.
When they go regularly, then they are familiar with the person trying to settle them though - this is the point in the key worker system.

FusionChefGeoff Fri 24-Aug-18 07:40:23

It is generally easier for them if they go more regularly - is there any chance she could do 2/3 mornings and have relatives collect her at lunchtime instead of the 1 whole day?

Even if you could do that for a few weeks / months to settle her in before going to 1 day a week?

But as pp said, if that's not an option, it's not going to harm her going 1 day a week as that will be the only thing she knows!

Needlemaker Fri 24-Aug-18 07:52:16

I did this with dd1 and dd2 one day a week for 4 hours it was for my own sanity as I work evenings no other reason
They were both fine dd1 about 1 1/2 at the time took about 4 sessions to stay the full time but loved it from the start
Dd2 about 10 months attempted to run in after the first session and refuses to say bye or come home

GreenMeerkat Fri 24-Aug-18 07:53:59

Yes, my DD went to nursery for one day a week from 9 months to 18 months (when I went on maternity leave again).

No issues at all other than finding it difficult to find a nursery that will accept one day a week, most want a minimum of two days.

Sweetpotatoaddict Fri 24-Aug-18 08:05:08

Both mine started going to nursery 1 day a week at 11months neither had any issue settling. Nurseries are businesses, in their best interests to get attendance for more than 1 day a week, every child is different.

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