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Stretched funding at nursery

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steviejenkins Tue 21-Aug-18 09:22:45

Hi, my little one is finishing nursery this month, and starting school in September. I have queried the end of the funding period with the nursery, as it has been stretched throughout the year. I was told by head office that it has been stretched until 31st August, but told by the nursery manager that it is only until the 24th August.

The end result is that I'd need to pay full prices for next week.

I don't remember anything being told to me previously, I was just told by the nursery that her funding was stretched over the year, but I haven't previously queried the exact end date.

Is this a nursery-by-nursery decision, or are there some guidelines as to when stretched funding should end?


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Pecano Fri 24-Aug-18 18:24:44

Most nurseries stretch it to 51 weeks as they are closed for a week at Xmas. How many hours per week funding did you receive?

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