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What's a good gift for nursery staff?

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CosyPinkBlanket Mon 13-Aug-18 21:12:17

My DD (2) is leaving nursery as we're moving away. She's been there a year and the staff love her. They're keeping her in the baby room until she leaves. They have bonded so well. I'd like to get them a gift to say a big thank you to them but am a bit stuck on ideas. Can anyone give me some ideas/inspiration? Thanks! x

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zombie999 Mon 13-Aug-18 21:18:46

I'm a nursery nurse and as nice as gifts are just a Thankyou card and a box of chocolates is always nice. We really don't expect gifts because we are doing a job yay is rewarding enough but I have had tons over the years, anything handmade by yourself or child is so lovely I have kept all of mine. I once got an old milk bottle decorated in glitter with a little tag on a ribbon and a few little flowers in it and it takes pride on my fire place ten years later

BearCubX Mon 13-Aug-18 21:27:01

I'm planning to get my DDs favourite staff members a Starbucks/ Costa voucher each.

CosyPinkBlanket Tue 14-Aug-18 22:03:01

Thanks both. I wish I was talented enough to make something for them. I took in biscuits at Christmas for them. Will definitely get a thank you card for DD to 'sign' and yeah, perhaps a big tin of biscuits or something. Otherwise it would be something for each of the girls as they all love DD and she has bonded with them all equally.

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