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Nursery’s in Fulham

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AnnaP08 Sat 04-Aug-18 11:05:33

Hi! I have my daughter in Filmer Rd Nursery , we joined when she was 18 months old , and now she is over 2 . She loves it , she settled easily and I can see that she enjoyes every day she attends . However , there has been a management change unfortunately , it liturally took place 2 weeks ago and it seems like the new manager needs some time to get used to the nursery . The summer was quite , some staff went on holiday , but I hope it will all change for the better in September . As I said , before summer I was extremely happy with how nursery was run .

MummyAZTM Wed 01-Aug-18 06:04:59

I am looking for a nurturing nursery for my baby currently aged 10 months for September / October. I have had a look at a number of nurseries around Fulham and Parson’s Green and wanted opinions about which one is best; Parsons Green Nursery, 57 Filmer Road or Little Tug Boat. Also does any one know how Parsons green’s waiting list works as they asked me to join it and can not give me a time frame Yet. Many thanks

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