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BiscuitsEqualbiggerknickers Mon 23-Jul-18 18:58:54

4 year old creates every morning about going, and comes home cranky, due to tiredness and possibly overstimulated (always been easily overstimulated since a baby). However has made friends and seems happy when I arrive to collect and watch him playing. I also feel if we crack the separation anxiety now, maybe it won't be so bad when starting school next year.

1.5 year old loves nursery, but won't sleep there so is exhausted, and cranky when we get home.

They are there 3 days a week, 7.30-5pm.

I feel that nursery is benefitting them both, but that it's ruining our evenings where they are so tired. Also after fees I'm left with £100 a month.

Any advice/what you would do is welcome.

Money is obviously an issue, but if I don't work I can't afford to do anything that costs anyway, and it's only until eldest starts school next year, so not forever

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albanyd Wed 25-Jul-18 18:02:50

How long have they been attending this nursery? If it's a relatively new thing it might be worth having a sit-down with their key workers to discuss it?

I tend to give mine a sugary snack (apple, lollipop etc) when I collect them for a small boost to get them through to bedtime (they eat supper at nursery) and it works to alleviate the crankiness because of a) the sugar hit, and b) the 'treat' element of it.

Good luck :-)

TweeBee Wed 25-Jul-18 18:07:28

So they go so you can work? Just checking I've understood.
Do they go back to back days? If so, maybe you could consider changing your days to give a break in between if you think that would work for your family. Might help with tiredness if they had calmer days in between perhaps.

jannier Thu 26-Jul-18 09:53:14

What are the nursery doing to provide opportunities for rest in both children? Typically a quiet wind down story time listen to music where children can chill and drop off if needed in older children and a quiet nap area for babies?
Chat to their key workers and see what is going on give some ideas of what works for you. It maybe that nursery is not right for your family as its too hectic and inflexible so you may need to seek other solutions it doesn't suit every child full time. What are you planning when your child starts school? it maybe time to move to that option and get lo well adjusted before starting if so again it may be simpler and cheaper to move both.

insancerre Sat 28-Jul-18 09:27:36

Isn't the 4 year old starting school this year?

Bezm Sat 28-Jul-18 09:35:02

They will be tired, it's a long day. Giving sugary snacks when you pick them up is a really bad idea and may be adding to their crankiness. Substitute this with something more healthy like a peanut butter sandwich on brown bread that you can prepare in the morning and leave in a cool box with some water in the car. I would just get them home, straight into the bath, pjs on, supper then quiet time and bed. They're very tired, so may need to be in bed by 6 in order to recharge.

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