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Bumps and grazes

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nc12 Tue 17-Jul-18 19:02:42

Name changed just Incase...

My dd is 1, she has been at nursery for 3 weeks now only part time, just 2 days per week... what is normal in terms of how many bumps/grazes, types and where they are?

My dd has had 2 bumps to the head so far, one was whilst crawling she toppled over, does this all the time at home, another was when she was in one of the tiny wooden chairs, which they wedge into the table but when moving out dd fell and bumped head, the girl was very very apologetic and said obviously now she knows she has a habit of this (tends to fling her self forwards and backwards) she can watch for it and monitor etc..

She has scratches on each leg today, she's had leggings on but nothing was mentioned to me, I didn't notice them this morning but I'm not sure when they've occurred, I've attached a pic of the worst scratch.

I'm just looking for some advice on how to handle really is this normal? Would you ask?

I'm really happy with the nursery my dd is always really happy to go to them and super happy when being picked up (and she's very judgy of people - takes a long time for her to accept anyone) her eating has come on leaps and bounds since starting, along with routine and bedtime

Thanks everyone! X

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nurserynurse2016 Sun 22-Jul-18 21:55:53

Hi, nursery nurse here!

I noticed in my time with this age bracket that children are so eager to explore their new surroundings that they rush around everywhere so quick and with so much enthusiasm that they are prone to hurting themselves.

I wouldn't worry too much about bumps and bruises as she more than likely got these with playing and running around and she hasn't even noticed.

As long as they are informing you on noticeable bumps and grazes then you don't need to worry. All bumps to the head and cuts should be recorded and sometimes you'll need to sign something as well. Hope his puts your mind at ease smile

jannier Mon 23-Jul-18 09:07:21

As its so hot leggings are probably going to over heat her and may well need to be removed unless its air-conditioned. Many nurseries have free flow and children are encouraged to explore inside and out so scratches can happen I presume you don't mean finger nail scratches? Have you checked her nails this can happen at nappy changes?
As children experiment with standing and walking bumps and grazes are normal and how they learn to balance. You cant catch them or wrap them in cotton wool or they will think throwing themselves backwards or forwards is a game and doesn't hurt. (Obviously not letting them bang heads).

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