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Fairydust17 Thu 05-Jul-18 19:53:57

Need help please. I had my heart set on puffins nursery due to the cost, friendliness of staff and the location ( just up the road from us)
I also went to visit kiddicaru but didn’t think about it any further due to the location. I work in exmouth and so would probably mean being stuck in traffic and it being a real pain to get to. My friend has just recently enrolled her child there and says it’s really good. I do know my stepchildren went there and said it was amazing the teaching is really good.
And know I’m not sure what to do any mums out there been to either and could recommend ?

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BackforGood Thu 05-Jul-18 23:40:21

This is an international forum....... you might have more luck posting in 'Local'. The odds of anyone else happening to know the Nurseries you are talking about are pretty small.

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