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Dd crying before nursery

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user1465146157 Thu 05-Jul-18 08:44:27

Dd is 16 months and been going to nursery for 6 months. Overall we’ve had little issues and she seemed to enjoy it there

For the past week and a half she has suddenly started acting up there - she cries when we leave her and is upset through the day - her key person calls with updates of her having tantrums and being clingy.

They are saying they can’t have her like this as there are other children to look after but my take on it is that they are there to console her?

I had her all day yesterday and she was perfectly happy - is this just a phase or should we be worried something has happened at nursery?

We are being told she is very clingy to her key person and cries uncontrollably when she leaves the room

Anyone else had this?

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billybagpuss Thu 05-Jul-18 08:49:41

My take is they should be experienced at dealing with things like this and I would be asking if there were any incidents that may have caused this.

user1465146157 Thu 05-Jul-18 10:18:12

Thank you - we’ve asked and they said no. She was a little unwell (unidentified stomach issue and bad nappy rash) last week and is better now but it’s since then that we’ve had a problem.

She’s definitely started up an aversion that wasn’t there before.

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IGiorni Thu 05-Jul-18 17:42:48

They should be able to deal with it. If we rang parents every time a child had a tantrum or was a bit clingy we’d never be off the phone! She’s a toddler, it’s what they do sometimes. Sounds like a bit of separation anxiety and more than likely just a phase.

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