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farida66 Wed 04-Jul-18 22:27:08

Hello, i wanted to ask if i can send my 11 months baby to the nursery by day? For example the morning session but pay by day and not by month? Does such a thing exist?

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Frazzled2207 Wed 04-Jul-18 22:43:19

Hi, it would totally depend on the nursery. The problem is most nurseries have a settling in process for children coming on regular days. And I can't see how you could just leave a child without having done that.
I have occasionally seen crèches where they are literally turn up and pay as you go- quite rare though.

insancerre Fri 06-Jul-18 08:40:59

You normally have to pay up front at the beginning of the month
Otherwise you could book a place and not turn up and not pay but the staff would still need paying
The nursery would soon go out of business

jannier Sat 07-Jul-18 17:39:06

Some childminders may do adhoc pay on booking services but you cant guarantee a space until its booked and paid for and they should want to know the child and do settling in first.

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