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The math of 30 hours

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FairyLightBlanket45 Sun 08-Jul-18 17:59:54

Im a bit surprised they dont know!

It might not be as simple as just taking 30 hours off the total.....

My nursery works the 30 hours like this:

You can use them between 9-12 and 1-4
Therefore the rest of the time carries extra charges. You can book in for:
7-8 am
12 - 1pm
You can use as many or as little of these sessions as you wish or none. Some children (not many) just come for free

Your nursery may not work like this but ultimately the only children who get the full 30 hours are those booked right across the week. And we only do it term time only - so parents get the bill at the start of each month which will have the charge based on weeks that are term time or not.

Obviously this may not be the case for yours! I would go back in again and say you need to work out your budget- they should be able to do the maths or have the cost per session! Go and ask again

HSMMaCM Wed 04-Jul-18 21:59:16

You also might get charged for meals and extras now, which were included in your fees before. We can't answer this, only the nursery can. Can you get hold of their accounts person?

reallyanotherone Wed 04-Jul-18 17:41:04

Sorry misread it as £38 a week! Thought it was cheap!

That’ll teach me to do maths quickly!

Are you american o/p?

neddle Wed 04-Jul-18 17:31:52

That’s £3306 a year, which is £275.50 a month.

neddle Wed 04-Jul-18 17:30:49

You pay £38 a day, so that’s £3.80 an hour, not 95p (which would be awful for the nursery).
And I make 10 hours x 39 weeks plus 40 hours x 12 weeks, 870 to pay for.

insancerre Wed 04-Jul-18 17:08:08

In my nursery we would stretch your hours to 20 a week all year round
So roughly your bill would be halved as you would be paying for 2
days a week

Lightningbolt82 Wed 04-Jul-18 17:04:26

Ah yes....I have also been struggling with the math. So the reason the invoice changes each month is due to a shorter or longer month and if there are bank holidays or half terms etc the 30hrs doesn't apply. My invoices have ranged massively each month- I'm sure it's not an exact science.

reallyanotherone Wed 04-Jul-18 17:03:37

Back of the hand maths smile

So you have a shortfall of 10 hours per week termtime, plus 12 weeks of 40 hours.

Per year, that’s 970 hours per year to pay for. £38 for 40 hours per week= 0.95/hour.

I reckon that’s under £80 a month?

Cjhami1987 Wed 04-Jul-18 16:57:00

Hi sorry forgot to put 10 hours per day

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Mmmmdanone Wed 04-Jul-18 15:43:35

When I had "free" hours the money provided from the council wasn't enough per hour so I got charged the shortfall by nursery. This was a while ago so might have changed but it definitely didn't work at as totally free hours anyway. No help to you- sorry!

neddle Wed 04-Jul-18 15:32:51

How many hours in her day?

Cjhami1987 Wed 04-Jul-18 15:22:24


Im hoping someone can help wit th this basic math question confused

We get ou 30 hours free child care in september, all agreed and set up with nursery, however when i asked what the cost would be per month they did not know.

At the moment we pay £38 a day 4 days a week 51 weeks per year. However the 30 hours is spread over term time only

When i spoke to nursery they just said we will invoice at 6 months

I would just like to know how much i need to pay every month

Any carol vodermans out there

Thanks in advance

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