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Moving nursery

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Sam089 Sun 10-Jun-18 02:24:48

Ok so later on in year I'll be moving to somewhere totally different which I'm excited about but also feeling worried as my 3 yr old is due to start school next August and she is really enjoying her now nursery which took her a while to settle in and make friends. I can't commute to the old nursery but I'm so worried she will struggle to settle in a new nursery in such a short space of time before starting school next year. Has anyone been through the same that can maybe give me some pointers to help or reassure me she's going to adjust just fine and I'm over thinking 😂🙈
Sorry for the long post
Thanks in advance 😍

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jannier Mon 11-Jun-18 13:39:29

Children are generally very adaptable once they have made the initial transition.
Will you be needing wrap around and holiday care once she is in full time school? Which will be sometime in September - remember they don't tend to start all on the same day with some staggered starts over a few weeks and often a week of mornings then a week of after lunch before full time. If you do you may feel its better to look for a childminder (who offers the same thing as nursery and can take funding) so she has settled in with the person who is taking her to school etc.

Sam089 Mon 11-Jun-18 14:32:43

I'm currently not working and have a younger little one who is due to start nursery when my oldest is due to go into primary so I have no intentions of going back to work yet ( unless nightshift) until they are both in primary. It was mainly the switching nurseries I was worried about as she's very timid and took a while for her to come out of her shell and make friends at her now nursery.

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jannier Mon 11-Jun-18 17:49:25

She knows what to expect now and developmentally lots can happen in this time. Have a chat with nursery about your plans to move and how to help transition.

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