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Feeling anxious about return to work

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laurajoroberts Wed 23-May-18 20:29:09

Hi there,

I’m not sure this is the right space to discuss/ask for advice as I’m a first time user of mumsnet.

My little boy is almost 7 months old, I’m not due back to work for another 4 months but am already feeling really anxious.
A lot of people say ‘oh you’ll love your own time by then’, truth is I absolutely love my time with my LO and is much rather stay off with him until he’s 18 months. I feel there’s something wrong with me feeling this way...he an active baby (crawling) so pretty full on, however, I feel totally fulfilled looking after him.

I guess my question is really, will this change as he approaches 1 and demands more?

Laura smile

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BackforGood Wed 23-May-18 23:41:28

No, it doesn't really change at that point, but, oddly, it often does once you are actually back in the routine of going to work.
The idea of not being with them is usually worse than the reality.
I think with such long maternity leaves these days parents get used to being at home and spending all day with their little one, and the thought of leaving them becomes a big thing.
It does make sense to start to leave them for short lengths of time initially, to get used to it before you go back though.

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