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Any flexibilty on hours?

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Lmjl2102 Tue 22-May-18 20:43:38

My daughter went to a private day nursery for about a year and split her 15 hours over 3 afternoons. She turned 3 last week and has started at the local catholic preschool. This is 5 mornings. We're both finding the 5 mornings really overwhelming, when she comes out from school she is tired and grumpy but obviously we still need to go places and do things. Are schools allowed to be flexible with the 15 hours as in doing 2 and a half days instead of the 5 mornings?

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Fatted Tue 22-May-18 20:48:49

It depends on the school really and what they have in place.

Where I sent DS1 to nursery, they ran afternoon and morning sessions, so he could have done that. Instead they did alternating weeks of afternoons and mornings. He is now at a different school where DS2 will be going to nursery in September. They only have morning sessions there, so it has to be 2.5 hours per day. He currently does 2.5 hours per day at a private nursery.

Could she not just have a bit of a rest and chill out time after getting home? Have a play and relax before lunch, then head out after lunch? I don't think either of mine have been too bothered by the half days, either if we stay home or go out afterwards.

jannier Fri 25-May-18 21:06:49

The idea is to get your child ready for full time school next year and to get the best educational time for her, If she flags in the afternoon and was at school for a full day that would translate to not getting as much from preschool in the afternoon. This is the problem when the free early education is sold as free childcare, parents take it as helping them out not educating their children.
Can you not get your chores done in the morning or alternatively after she has had a chill out time? She will soon get used to active mornings.

Littlefish Sun 27-May-18 22:42:32

It's entirely up to the setting how they choose to offer their sessions. Where I work, we offer full days or half days (as long as we have room). Some settings offer mornings or afternoons only.

Could you just do fewer than 5 sessions? If the school refuses, contact the Local Authority funding team and discuss it with them.

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