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coco pops for breakfast!

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Blaggingit Thu 17-May-07 21:12:36

I have a quick question for all those people with 1yr olds at nursery, does your nursery give them coc pops for brekkie? I am a little concerned that my ds was given it the other day but I don't want to over-react by forbidding coco pops forever! Any advice welcome!

compo Thu 17-May-07 21:13:41

ours only give weetabix, ready brek and toast

compo Thu 17-May-07 21:13:56

I would not be happy about cocoa pops tbh

Hilllary Thu 17-May-07 21:14:15

Well I could think of better things to give a 12 month old, perhaps they were doing it for convenience.

FairyMum Thu 17-May-07 21:15:12

No coco pops. I would not be happy if they gave it to him. Coco pops is for home-use

compo Thu 17-May-07 21:16:45

convenience? weetabix just as convenient tho?
someone is going to come on soon though and say they aonly give homemade porridge

Blaggingit Thu 17-May-07 21:23:58

I am really pleased you have all said exactly what I think which is that coco pops is not good for him! I wouldn't give them to him at home but really wanted to check that I wasn't being a pain in the backside!

fireflyfairy2 Thu 17-May-07 21:24:06

Mine has weetabix

The coco pops are all mine

Blaggingit Thu 17-May-07 21:26:43

i must confess I do have a box in my cupboard but it is only for me when I have been a good girl and not eaten shed loads of chocolate the rest of the week!

Bubble99 Thu 17-May-07 21:28:57

No, not good.

Porridge, Weetabix, Shreddies = good.

Blaggingit Thu 17-May-07 21:29:54

while on the subject of chocolate at nursery, do your nurseries give the little darlings any chocolate at all? eg puddings

FairyMum Thu 17-May-07 21:33:34

I think a lot of children are fussy eaters. My first 2 were not fussy at all and I would have been annoyed if anyone had tried to give them coco pops. My third,however, is a really fussy eater and I have had to really compromise to get him to eat at all. I have since noticed that lots of children in his nursery seem fussy with a long list of things they don't want to eat. I think its a dilemma because it might be the only way to get some children to eat. On the other hand its not good if children who would normally eat healthily for breakfast suddenly started demanding coco pops.....

Blaggingit Thu 17-May-07 21:35:41

my ds is a great eater and will pretty much eat anything and everything that is put in front of him. which is why I am annoyed that they have given him coco pops as I have bust a gut to feed him lots of home cooked food while weaning and now he eats what we eat.

morningpaper Thu 17-May-07 21:35:44

hmmm I think that if they will eat cocopops they will eat rice crispies

I've never heard of a child who won't eat rice crispies OR toast OR cornflakes OR weetabix...

Bubble99 Thu 17-May-07 21:37:08

I make a 'pudding' once a week. The rest of the time it's frozen yoghurt, fromage frais etc. at luchtimes, and we have fruit as part of 'tea' every day.

We have a cocoa and vanilla sponge pudding every so often, but that's the only 'chocolate' our lot get.

FairyMum Thu 17-May-07 21:44:09

Ha! You should meet my child MP!

mrsmike Thu 17-May-07 21:48:57

Yes, my son's nursery does give coco pops occasionally for breakfast. And I would rather they didn't, but am not going to rock the boat about this. They also have jaffa cakes, puddings, biscuits, cakes of some sort probably every day ... if this had been son no. 1, I would have been appalled, but now I'm on son no. 3, I'm afraid standards have dropped a little in the meantime! I console myself with the thought that he does eat quite healthily at home...

niceglasses Thu 17-May-07 21:49:31

Yum, coco pops. Mine 'ave 'em - can't remember when they started though. Probably 1 ishty. I'm afraid with my 3, its what they will eat in the morning rather than what I would like them to......not great eaters.

Jezebeltheharlot Thu 17-May-07 21:51:08

Cocoa pops are bleurrrrrrrgh!

Rice Krispies would have been better I think.

Washersaurus Thu 17-May-07 21:54:21

Don't like the idea of cocoa pops for breakfast full stop - yukky horrible blurgh!

Nursery do give chocolate biscuits and desserts, but after a day there when DS ate nothing but 2 chocolate desserts and some icecream I wrote them a letter instructing them not to offer him dessert if he doesn't eat his main meal - I would rather he came home starving and had something healthy for his evening meal.

....I'm sure they think I am a big pain in the arse but its my choice

Blaggingit Thu 17-May-07 21:57:03

i am so pleased I decided to mumsnet this! I was so worried I was stressing a bit too much about this but I definitely don't want him to have coco pops anymore! In fact, I am going to ring the nursery tomorrow to discuss it!

Washersaurus Thu 17-May-07 22:08:23

You can think to yourself as you are discussing it "at least I'm not as bad as that washersaurus woman on MN complaining about flippin' desserts"

paulaplumpbottom Thu 17-May-07 22:10:07

CoCo Pops????? I would be livid

Blaggingit Thu 17-May-07 22:13:37

I AM livid! He only goes 3 days a week and I have been contemplating what to do about this all day!

lemonaid Thu 17-May-07 22:14:44

Ours offer weetabix, rice crispies and cornflakes -- they give the children a choice between two options each day, plus toast.

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