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AIBU.. Nursery and extra paid for clubs

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Beeharris Fri 04-May-18 17:56:16


I've been getting a bit worked up recently about my youngests nursery. It's a private nursery so usual fees for 3 full days a week but they also have started doing "extra clubs" during the day what you have to pay for.
Like one day is £35 for 8 sesions of a dance type one where they bring in another person at 10am, and starting another at £40 on another day, like a sports thing at 11am

Ive just about stretched to the one club because I don't want him to miss out but this other thing means that is another £75 every like 8 weeks in top of how much I pay now.
I've told the nursery how I feel and they say they take the kids that don't do it and have other stuff but I still think it's like "why aren't I outside with my friends?" type of thing.
I'm really upset to think of him thinking that tbh and they don't seem to understand that.
They do put pressure on they are always asking for payment even when I'm not sure about it, and it's almost like having to tell them I can't really afford it and I don't know how they can put me in that situation.

What do u think?

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insancerre Sat 05-May-18 06:32:54

These sorts of activities are expensive to provide, costing in the region of £30 a 30 minute session

triangulum Sat 05-May-18 06:42:43

How old is he?

My DS's nursery do this and I think it's brilliant. It adds some variety to his day but also means I don't have try and squeeze in extra 'stuff' at the weekend.

That said,my friends all work part time so on their days off take their kids to yoga/music/football/rugby groups. I work full time and DS is in childcare full time so he doesn't get to do that sort of stuff with me. I like having the opportunity for him to do this stuff in nursery.

I don't think you should worry about it. He probably won't be aware that he's 'missing out'. I expect plenty of other children don't go.

Just remember and consider the advantages, they aren't just for you and your son, but all the other children there too. There must be enough uptake otherwise they wouldn't be running the clubs.

user1483387154 Sat 05-May-18 06:43:23

They are optional and have lots of other things to do if they opt out, so I don't really understand your problem.

triangulum Sat 05-May-18 06:45:10

That said, I would just email them maybe and say 'DS will be doing x club, but he doesn't want to do y&z, so please don't sign him up for these'.

The clubs should very very definitely be clearly optional, with no pressure at all.

toomuchfaster Sat 05-May-18 06:48:26

We never paid for the extras at nursery and DD is fine. Don't if you can't afford it, no-one will care but you.

NeverTwerkNaked Sat 05-May-18 06:56:14

They’re optional. I think it’s good for the children whose parents work full time, or really would enjoy that particular club.
DS did the French club at his nursery and loved it. I didn’t put DD in for it as her speech was less advanced that his and also she does lots of clubs outside nursery. She’s never commented on not going. I’m sure the nursery staff find plenty of fun stuff for the ones that aren’t doing the club to do.

TheIsland Sat 05-May-18 06:58:16

Do you do other clubs with him on non nursery days? If he says I want to so xxx which my friends are doing, you can explain that it’s the same as xxx he does on a Friday.

Or just say that he can start doing dance/football/tennis when he’s at school.

pitterpatterrain Sat 05-May-18 06:59:52

The nursery my DD goes to has extra things (Spanish, sports, cooking,...) it is all included in the price, I would be a bit miffed if they wanted additional payments like that - perhaps it is all included in the regular price anyway

The kids get to choose whether they go, I think there is a numbers limit but it tends to be managed by the room lead

Beeharris Sat 05-May-18 07:53:04

Thank u I guess it shouldn't bother me. I just kind of think for the money I already pay then they shouldn't be asking more but then I guess there are parents who aren't on a limited budget who should have the option.
He is 4 and I think I sometimes feel a bit worse for him cos my other kids dad treats them to whatever they like but the youngests dad doesn't really have the money tho he is ok and supportive.
It looks like I have to live with it. The world is different with extra money!

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AutoFilled Sat 05-May-18 07:56:47

My nursery does this too and it’s brilliant. If you take your child to these classes yourself it will cost money too. It gives children a chance to participate in them despite having to work.

AutoFilled Sat 05-May-18 08:01:20

And definitely they are optional. Do you know what the kids do if they aren’t in nursery full time? Is it an affluent area? The kids at 4 will be doing gymnastics, swimming, football etc. (Girls will have drama and ballet). Be prepared for it at school. All the children with SAHM seems to have an activity everyday. You shouldn’t be competing about this.

Beeharris Sat 05-May-18 09:55:37

I don't mind it if it's after school, but this is in the time we're already paying for.
Its like a 2 tier thing how.. Pay this much and they'll get a nursery place, and if you can pay a bit more, it'll be even better.
So the kids who's parents have more money have a better life experience

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jannier Sat 05-May-18 14:57:32

When 30 hours free funding was brought in the government proposed bringing in optional charges for extras like sports lessons to help pay for the shortfall. The activities have to be optional but can bring in extra revenue. So its possible that your nursery are doing this.

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