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Any good nurseries in Walthamstow with parent cam.

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Trieumama Thu 26-Apr-18 19:33:10


I was wondering if anybody may know of a good nursery in or around Walthamstow area that has cctv, which the parents can see from their phones etc.

I know some parents do not like the idea, but I would like to know how my son is doing while he is in nursery. In his previous nursery he had a dislocated elbow which went unnoticed until I collected him and in his current nursery they don’t give any feedback, as we drop him of the teachers collect them from the door and when we collect him they bring him to the door. Also any communication with the teachers and parents is all done via email. So if I needed to know anything it is not as straight forward as asking them whilst I collect my son. Which explains why I prefer a nursery which has cameras that I can watch whilst I’m at work. It can give me peace of mind to know that he’s happy, eating etc...

If there are any other parents out there that can recommend one, it would be great. Thanks in advance.

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