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sunnyjune Thu 26-Apr-18 20:22:13

If they are treating this as a safeguarding concern then they are going about it in the wrong way completely.

To be honest if I heard one of our children say the same I would be abit concerned as they aren't child appropriate films. I would first speak to our nursery manager who is our designated safeguarded lead and see what her thoughts on it are. I imagine she would suggest I bring it up with the parent and see what they say. These types of things are usually very innocent and are cleared up by open and honest discussion.

Seems that she approached you in the wrong way, and you can't understand why it's nursery's business. It's their business because it's their duty to safeguard your child.

I'd speak to your manager and say that you were a little surprised at the way you were approached by the nursery nurse and maybe she could do with being explained to how best to approach these situations for the future. Say you understand why they have to ask, but you have no idea where your child has got it from. They have never seen either film as they are not age appropriate, but they could have copied it from other children at nursery or their older sibling, however it's nothing you've heard at home.

Goldenbug Wed 25-Apr-18 19:45:00

And Chucky is a well known Rugrat.

Talk with the manager. Staff jumping to conclusions.

Foxyautumn007 Tue 24-Apr-18 08:05:31

No they didn't. And yea I have 8 yr

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wendiwoowho Mon 23-Apr-18 20:06:59

Annabelle is also a name, and the name of a popular children's doll. hmm
Did they mention the context or play in which your child had mentioned these names?
Do you have any other older children?

Foxyautumn007 Mon 23-Apr-18 20:01:29

Just wanted to see if there is anyone out there that has similar issues. So I pick up my kid on the Friday to be approached by a patronising nursery worker "oh i need to speak with you ur child has said the words chucky and Annabelle " so I'm like right she then continued to say this is serious and I'm reporting to manager. I said to her don't know where this has come from as we don't let our kids watch horrors as with most parents.i said we have a mulitstorage cabinet the 1 with covered doors .when opened it has his infinity characters in also cds ps4 games mostly Lego and a few dvd 1 if which is Annabelle. The scariest thing I've let him watch was gripe is the way there speaking to me like I'm a crap parent just being over the top patronising. I said have u consider that he probably overheard all the women talking about films etc. As even I've heard inappropriate things said.

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