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Nursery routines

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mehhh Thu 12-Apr-18 17:02:33

Hi alll

I have been looking at nurseries for my DD to start in the summer, she will be almost 1 by the time she starts, I've been to view 2 so far:

Nursery 1: 2 seconds from my house, big open plan purpose built place, outdoor area lots of toys, bouncers for babies etc, quite relaxed in terms of routine could go outside whenever they wanted nap whenever etc (they don't actually have any places left at the one I went to visit I just don't really know about nurseries so using as an example) one thing they did do which I really liked and kind of had my heart set on was a app which you could download and they'd upload pictures and progress through the day, progress reports at the end of the day and the babies pick their key worker based on who they warm to most... obviously no spaces but there is one a bit of a drive away which we could try (about 20 mins maybe)

Nursery 2: in a very large old house so smaller closed off rooms, outside area, not as many toys and walkers etc and a lot more basic, a bit more routine based due to the size so can only play outside at certain times, to check up id have to call, I forgot to ask if they do progress reports at the end of the day, babies are allocated to the people who have least etc... this is 10/15 minutes drive and on route to work

So basically, which kind of environment do you prefer? Is it unusual for the app thing or quite common now? What things do your nursery do which you like/don't like? What would you choose?

Sorry for such a long post about this I just want to make the right decision as I don't want to disturb dds routine once she's settled and happy

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insancerre Sat 14-Apr-18 06:37:18

The app that you prefer means that the staff are busy uploading the photos and updates when they could be spending time with the children

icklekid Sat 14-Apr-18 06:44:07

I choose a childminder because I like the relaxed atmosphere of the first place with less of a set routine. I think apps with updates are quite common although from friends experiences I wouldn't expect that updated every day. I think a brief diary of what they have eaten/done is common but it won't always have photos and a lot detail just incase that helps

TalkFastThinkSlow Sat 14-Apr-18 06:49:21

I'd rather not have the distraction of an app. With our nursery, you have to call to check up on the kids, but you have to do it outside of the meal times unless there is an emergency. I think this actually helped me to transition back to work cos I couldn't check on DS whenever I wanted/obsess over what he was doing.

I also think going with the nursery that is on your route to work would be a good idea as you wouldn't have to go out of your way.

Most nurseries will do some kind of progress report at the end of the day. Our nursery usually tells us what DS has eaten and how long his nap was. There is also a book they're making up for him with things hes done throughout the year. It includes pictures and drawings, and notes from the staff of things he did for the first time. I didnt know about it until we received his year 1 book at Xmas. It was a nice surprise!

Afreshcuppateaplease Sat 14-Apr-18 06:52:18

Using an app is quite common now

To those saying the staff are writing on that instead of being with the dc. Prior to use of digital obs and record keeping it was all done on paper which takes longer and is a pita.

I would prefer set up 1it sounds like they care more about each child and 2 sounds like they are just juggling numbers and the key person could end up changing multiple times

Teaandbiscuits35 Sat 14-Apr-18 06:59:26

My son's nursery has this app, it's brilliant. I love seeing what he gets up to and they always upload in the evening so as not to take time away from the children. I think you're better off following your heart on this. They sound quite different and you know your child best. Good luck.

My daughters in a Nursery 1 type setting and has been since 14 months.

She loves it, I love it. They do have more of a routine now she's nearly 3 but it is definitely very child led. The garden was a big thing for me as we don't have one at home.

Our Nursery don't have an app but have Tapestry which is an online journal and her keyworker uploads photos on there. They're not spending all day taking photos and not focusing on the children, but they do use it to help with evidence for the EYFS which I like as I can see at a glance what progress she's making.

Only downside is DD doesn't want to leave on days like today where it's lovely and sunny as they've been outside all day!

Tumama5186 Thu 19-Apr-18 09:35:25

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RidingMyBike Mon 23-Apr-18 12:01:14

DD's nursery sounds like the first and we love it. I like that they have free flow to the garden all the time. The app is nice - I like seeing the pictures of her but there's usually only one update a week or so.
I found gut feeling very helpful when choosing a nursery. The other one we looked round had a very regimented daily walk on the neighbouring school fields which was the only outside time

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