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recommend nurseries in exeter?

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odder Wed 09-May-07 18:49:26


we're going to be moving to exeter in the summer and really need some help sussing out the nurseries/childcare options. I work for my myself, from home, so the sooner i get the 2 little ones sorted out with some kind of activity that gets them out of the house, the better!
We're moving to St james, and am thinking of putting them into the Magdalen court school nursery which is in st leonards, it costs the same as any other private nursery, but i really don't know. I will be going down in a few weeks to have a look round some places, so any suggestions/ideas are much welcomed.


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ILoveDolly Fri 11-May-07 16:06:40

hi odder thought i would post here after seeing you on the exeter thread - there are some good nurseries in the area run by Puffins Ltd (one in Mont le Grand and one in Manston Terrace) actually i think that mag court is really near manston terrace so you could see them both?! Anyway my dd is at Puffins and i have found it a really good nursery. they do loads of messy play, they feed them really good food (and organic etc) and she seems to love going there. the nursery nurses also seem happy and bright, and there has not been a high turnover so dd has had an opportunity to really get to know the same few girls. also they have an outside space and had a nice settling in policy of home visit and then you stay there for a few hours etc. They take all ages so you could have both children in the same place (on different floors of same building!). i think that they let the siblings 'visit' each other as well.
we looked around a few different places but i have been happy with the one we chose. exeter has no shortage of nurseries though! Also in the area, Bumblebees, Munchkins, and Fledgelings. all i would say is that you should definately visit as many as you can as although they are all similar in price they vary massively in terms of facilities and atmosphere. have you seen the DISC website for a full list of all nurseries? good luck!!

odder Mon 14-May-07 10:15:35

thanks alot Dolly, that's really useful. I have seen the site, but it's pretty difficult just working from a list of nurseries... I'll definately take a look at puffins.
do you know if there's a waiting list? where i live in manchester, there's waiting lists for all the nurseries, people put their names down when they've conceived!

again, thanks, having other peoples opinions of places does really help


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fennel Mon 14-May-07 10:20:58

I only really know about some of the nurseries west of the river Exe, which isn't too useful if you're living in St James. When we moved and looked last year quite a few nurseries did have spaces, but my youngest was nearly 2 at the time, at which point there are lots more spaces. it's harder to place a baby at short notice.

I'm trying to remember the name of the nursery on St David's hill but it's quite well recommended, I know one mumsnetter child goes there, and I've met the children from there when they go on activities and trips. it begins with T I think. TicTocs? that's not so far from St James.

odder Mon 14-May-07 13:56:38

ah, thanks. i did come across that one, but couldn't access the website or something so gave up on it. you get quite flippant when you've nothing else to go on.
right, i'll put it on my list to investigate.

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dcb Mon 14-May-07 20:56:12

looked at the ofsted report for magdalen court which put me right off - so didn't even look at it. a few of my friends use Puffins and are/were very happy. have gone for manston terrace in the end and start our "visits" soon ready for her to start in July. hth

odder Tue 15-May-07 19:50:51

thansk dcb - are you able to say what it was about the ofsted report that put you off? i know it's pretty subjective and we are probably all looking for different things in a nursery, but you've rather intrigued me now...!

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ILoveSkiing Fri 30-Jan-15 18:19:22

My four daughters have been and are attending Magdalen Court School. They all started in the Nursery, when they were about 2yrs old and went through to 6th From. My eldest is graduating from Gloucester University this year in Criminology, the next one is in her second year of university at Plymouth University studying Sports & Nutrition. The younger two are still at Magdalen Court School.
They have had the most amazing education at Magdalen Court School: skiing in Bulgaria, France & Italy, completing the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, winning the West of England rowing association trophy in: rowing & sculling, completing 35 & 45m Ten Tors, gaining 10 GCSE's, getting there 3 A levels and so much more. It was the best thing I did for my girls.

JuanFernandezTitTyrant Fri 20-Feb-15 20:09:25

Another recommendation for Puffins. We're using another branch, but we know people who have used central branches. DS has settled well and seems very happy there. I viewed a couple of OFSTED "outstanding" nurseries but they seemed a bit like they weren't worried about wooing me as a parent on the basis that I would go on the Ofsted rating and nothing else.

I haven't had any problem with waiting lists, unlike my sister who lives Birmingham way.

PurpleManners Sun 21-Apr-19 22:31:21

Moving to Exeter, in the next few months so I’m looking into Nursery in the city centre/St Leonard’s area.
Any recommendations?
Would be particularly interested in hearing from any parents who have or have had children in Acorns Nursery on Alphington rd, Puffin in the city or Munchkin Nursery in St Leonard’s.


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