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Coping with high needs children

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TeenTimesTwo Mon 05-Mar-18 11:49:49

How do private nurseries cope with high-needs children?
i.e. The ones that end up at school having a 1-1?

Do they end up turning the children away?
Or charging the parent for an extra member of staff?
Or do the staff just have to cope, effectively short handed?

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FineAsWeAre Mon 05-Mar-18 19:19:47

Nurseries can apply for extra funding for children with additional needs which pays for extra staff, although it’s rarely funded for 100% of their sessions in my area these days. It depends what their needs are and what the nursery needs to do to be able to manage them.

TeenTimesTwo Mon 05-Mar-18 19:27:00

Thank you.
Though presumably the gathering evidence and application process can take months?

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FineAsWeAre Mon 05-Mar-18 20:05:26

It varies, again depending on the child’s needs. If they have a diagnosed health issue, for example, the nursery can claim funding on this basis. In my area it’s called the inclusion panel and reviews take place every 4-6 weeks I believe. If funding is awarded, it is given pretty much straight away after this. If a child doesn’t have a diagnosis but the parent raises concerns when enrolling the child, we would probably be able to apply for funding within a couple of weeks of observing.

TeenTimesTwo Mon 05-Mar-18 20:19:33

Thank you, that's really helpful.
And this is even for childcare nurseries for any age 0-5 and not just state funded pre-schools?

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redcaryellowcar Mon 05-Mar-18 20:31:56

In my (limited) experience if it's a private nursery (I'm referring to one linked to an independent pre prep school) the parents end up paying for a one to one or for the additional support that child needs.

FineAsWeAre Mon 05-Mar-18 20:41:48

Yes any setting as far as I know. I work at a private day nursery and we have a couple of children who receive additional funding.

TeenTimesTwo Mon 05-Mar-18 20:43:24

Thank you, really helpful.

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jannier Tue 06-Mar-18 09:26:48

All registered settings can claim this funding for 3 year olds with sen including childminders. Before that its child in need funding or 2 year old funding in my area which is a higher rate.

ncsunday Sat 10-Mar-18 19:39:14

As others have said private day nurseries can apply for 1:1 funding. It can take ages and ages, but it depends.

I have a child with a diagnosis of autism, EHC is a work in progress and she is in desperate need of a 1:1. It's been 2 years and we still don't have funding. She's an absolute delight but there's nothing we can do for her, I can't prioritise the needs of 1 child, when I have 8 others sat at a table waiting for me. I feel guilty leaving her to wander, any spare minute we get, we spend with her. She climbs on everything due to sensory issues, which is dangerous and she is completely non verbal so she NEEDS to be watched. It's a travesty that this child does not have 1:1.

My other key child has a medical diagnosis of something specific so I won't say here what it is, but he had his 1:1 funding approved within weeks. 2 months ago he also got a diagnosis of autism. I wish I actually got 1:1 time with him, but I have 11 other key children as well as him so it's just impossible. I have him, 3 EAL children, 3 children who present with really challenging behaviour, and 1 child on a child protection plan who I have to attend every 2 weekly meetings for. The stress I am under is unreal, this could just be my setting though, but in my experience, 1:1, does not actually mean 1:1. Not even close.

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