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Can't decide on a nursery

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mumsy1014 Wed 31-Jan-18 22:04:07

I know this should be a decision made just by me and DH. But just what to know what others would do? Three nursery's
Number 1 very close to my home literally two minutes walk. However, not the best OFSTED got an rating of 3 (requires improvement)Since been inspected again and is now back to a 2 (good)but this has put me of. Visited it didn't not like it but if it wasn't on my doorstep I wouldn't consider it.
Number 2 Ofsted rating 2 very flexible with days/ hours etc. Location fine, and liked it.
Number 3 Ofsted rating 1 outstanding. Excellent nursery, when we had our tour and she was going through everything I kept thinking how do you even have places left. It didn't take long for me to realise it was the cost.
Obviously if money was no object it would be number 3. Whilst we could possibly just about afford it we would probably have to cut back somewhere else. I'm just not sure number 2 seems like a good nursery. I like every parent want the best start in life for my child. I suppose what I'm asking is is it worth the extra cost if you know the alternative is also good?
Hope that makes sense finding it hard to word. confused

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Tumbleweed101 Thu 01-Feb-18 06:54:32

How much time will your child spend there? If they’re three and only spend 15hrs there likely option 1 would be fine as that is a small part of their influence. If they are a baby and going full time the one you feel would give the best overall care and opportunity would be best.

insancerre Thu 01-Feb-18 07:28:51

Number 2

mindutopia Thu 01-Feb-18 10:54:01

I would probably go with #2, but I would also trust your gut. What is your gut saying? I wouldn't go with one that recently needed improvement. Good or outstanding is perfectly fine. Our nursery was amazing. I absolutely loved it and so did my daughter. In fact, I'm actually really sad that we'll be moving away when our new baby will be about 18 months so he won't get much time there. I cried when my older one left and went to school. Like literally sobbed like a baby leaving on her last day. But it was still only ever rated as Good. Ofsted ratings are a bit political and I wouldn't fret about small differences. But one that needs improvement probably has had some significant problems in recent years and I wouldn't chance it, even if close unless you've had a good comb through the report and understand why and how they've improved and it seemed really impressive now.

That said, it also depends on how much you'll need to use it and why. If you are using a nursery to go back to work and you'll likely need increasing hours and lots of flexibility to accomodate your work schedules, then #2 seems like a reasonable choice. If you aren't going back to work and nursery is more about just having an enriching experience outside the home and you won't need much flexibility or loads of hours, I would consider #3, even at a stretch. That said, I'd probably also want to know why, if they seem so wonderful, they have plenty of spaces. If you are in a rural area or somewhere where there isn't much demand for nursery spaces, that makes sense. But there might be more to it than that and might be a reason why people tend not to go there over other places. I would also really recommend a second visit and talking to local mums, posting on local parent groups online for recommendations or asking to speak to parents who have their children there to get a parents eye view.

HSMMaCM Thu 01-Feb-18 17:32:52

It also depends why 1 got requires improvement. It could have been one missing piece of paperwork (happened at our local excellent Pre school).

mumsy1014 Thu 01-Feb-18 20:55:58

Thank you everyone we still haven't decided and are going to visit afew more I think. I am going back to work part time DD will only need to go into nursery one full day a week. Have had a good read of option ones Ofsted. When we first moved into the area it was actually outstanding. The report says it has had a full change in management and alot of the previous managements policies were discontinued. Also that the nursery did not do enough to stimulate the children and that many were behind in their development.
DH has kind of put me off option 2 he noticed afew things I didn't about members of staff as I was talking to the manager.
I agree with you Mindutopia if option 3 is so wonderful why does it have places. It is a lot more expensive but we don't live in a rural area. I would say there is a fair few nursery's in our area maybe it's just competition and many parent don't want to pay such high fees. Having said that I think your right I need to try and speak to other parents.

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Lovely456 Thu 01-Feb-18 21:05:59

Keep looking.

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