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sthitch Tue 23-Jan-18 15:23:17

Will a nursery take a one year old baby one day per week and two days every other week or would it have to be two days weekly? The days would be the same, for example every Monday and every other Tuesday. (Looking at a large nursery)

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Willrunforgin Tue 23-Jan-18 15:38:33

Entirely depends on Nursery, days wanted and current waiting list. Worth calling said Nursery and just enquiring. I am a supervisor of a nursery and we do this for some parents so def just call ☺️. X

sthitch Tue 23-Jan-18 18:46:37

Thanks! I didn’t know if it was a bit of a random request.

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mindutopia Wed 24-Jan-18 13:14:12

You can definitely ask. It depends on if they have the extra space. Normally, most people keep the same hours every week, so if they have availability and there isn't a wait list, then they can take you in the empty spot and it will be fine until someone needs those hours on a weekly basis. Or you may need to pay for two days a week to hold the extra day for the weeks you need it. Or they may just have the staffing flexibility to do it without too much effort. But you can always ask.

jannier Wed 24-Jan-18 22:32:47

Its worth looking at child-minders too I've had children like this and fit other flexible children around them.

insancerre Fri 26-Jan-18 14:08:07

You might find you have to book 2 days whether you use them or not

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