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Fee increase

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Whoknows11 Tue 02-Jan-18 20:56:26

The nursery my 2 year old attends has just increased its price by almost double. The excuse is because they’ve been taken over by a different company and it’s the way they work it out over the year. To me this doesn’t seem fair as I got 1 weeks notice. I’m a single working parent so this hasn’t gone down well with my budgeting.

Any advice welcome please on where I stand with this or is it time to find a new nursery?

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Casmama Tue 02-Jan-18 20:58:30

I think you may have to find a new nursery but if you have a contract I would check it because 1 weeks notice is wholely inadequate especially at this time of year.

Whoknows11 Tue 02-Jan-18 20:59:28

Thank you! I’ll dig out my contract now!

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TunaSushi Tue 02-Jan-18 20:59:50

I agree you need to find alternative childcare.

insancerre Thu 04-Jan-18 07:21:51

We give parents one months notice because if parents want to terminate their contract the Ned to give us a months notice
I would suggest finding a new nursery
You could also try getting lots of parents to complain at the same time and threaten to take their children out unless the fees are lowered
The new management will be keen not to lose too many children on the takeover

OrinocoDugong Thu 04-Jan-18 07:34:51

They cannot change the fees without giving you sufficient warning that you could terminate the contract without breaking their notice rules before the new costs kck in.

Give them written notice of termination today of whatever period you are contractually obliged to give (sometimes a month, sometimes two, some places attached to schools require that notice must be given by the first day of a termtime apply at the end of thar term which would mean that notice given today would not expire until the end of the summer term!). Do not delay a moment as if you shilly shally and fail to give notice today you could be deemed to have accepted the new terms.

During your notice period you are fully entitled to receive the service you are contracted for at the price you are contracted for.

All this is assuming there was no way you could have known the new prices any earlier? You weren't told months ago that the new prices would apply from 10th January and are available on x website and you only just got around to looking?

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