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sreedevi Thu 21-Dec-17 04:11:07


I am sending my 21 month old DS to
Busy bee nursery for 5 weeks now. Last day when I went to pick him I was asked to sign 4 incident report son climbed on table and played with crayon
2.nicked a toy from another child
3.used his head to hit a nursery worker
4.bit a nursery worker

He does head butt when he is hungry. The child worker said she did not feed my son because she was not sure if he drink cows or formula milk. I was told that if he does this again they will have a meeting with me and wife and look into next course of action.

What is it he next corse of action and should I be worried

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insancerre Thu 21-Dec-17 06:43:58

No need to be worried
It's all normal behaviour for toddlers
It's just making sure they are doing everything they can to support your child
When children bite the other parents are often concerned about what is being done to stop it happening again
The next course of action if he continues to bite is to observe and look for reasons why he could be biting
I really wouldn't worry about it

Afreshturkeyplease Thu 21-Dec-17 06:55:51

Is this the only time his behavior has been mentioned to you.

Personally i wouldnt think climbing was worth documenting

Chaosofcalm Thu 21-Dec-17 08:43:24

I could not imagine a need for documenting one and two.

I am but confused about why they have not feed your child. Surely they have all the details about your child. At 21 months I would not consider milk to be food.

jannier Thu 21-Dec-17 09:17:06

His behaviour sounds pretty typical for his developmental age.

Why is he having milk? Its not food typically he would be having a proper meal time and fruit type snacks at this age with water or milk to drink. You wouldn't tend to give bottles of milk at this age as its not advised for teeth development babies loose their ability to suck from the age of 6 months so the older they get the harder it is making sucking more for comfort than to obtain food and it fills them up so they don't eat.

FineAsWeAre Thu 21-Dec-17 17:11:50

I agree with what others have said. I'm a bit confused as to why they've done an incident report for climbing or snatching toys unless someone was hurt as it's common toddler behaviour. Biting and head butting I can understand as that's something that needs to be monitored.
I don't get the issue with the milk? Many nurseries wouldn't make bottles for a child who is nearly two, did they provide food?

Goldenbug Thu 21-Dec-17 19:17:42

1 is not much of an issue.
2 is WTF?! Do they write 100 incident reports each day? Ridiculous.
3&4 could be more of an issue. Needs an eye keeping on that behaviour.

They should know what he drinks, but if that form got lost it would be safer to give nothing rather than guess.

PlugUgly1980 Mon 25-Dec-17 20:18:54

Head butting and biting should definitely be recorded (just to keep an eye on whether they are one offs or repeat events which need managing)...biting is very common in this age group. My daughter was bitten, so I had an accident form detailing what had happened...she'd unintentionally provoked another child. My son was a biter. I never got a form to sign but got told about it at pick up time along with details of how they were dealing with him when he did it. It lasted a few weeks and was when he was frustrated or tired. My boy climbed on everything, tables and chairs at Nursery and through their book case/toy shelf...his first words were 'get down' as we all said it so often. Never got an incident form for it though, just told about it. I really wouldn't worry, all seems normal behaviour which a large Nursery chain should have policies for dealing with. The bit that would worry me most is the comment about not being sure what milk he has...every one of the staff in my children's room knows what they drink, eat, allergies etc...for me that's really important.

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