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2year old

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ShimmerShineandMe Wed 20-Dec-17 23:43:22

My 2 year 6 month old goes to Nursery 3 full days a week 8am-5pm and loves it. I WFH and could technically look after her while I work but I like the time to concentrate.

I'm sure your 2 year old would love extra time at Nursery.

RidingMyBike Tue 19-Dec-17 23:04:11

Why not, if she enjoys it? Mine's two and has been doing 7.40am - 6pm for the last year three days a week, and she absolutely loves it. They get to do more if they're there for longer.

mindutopia Sun 17-Dec-17 16:21:00

I think that sounds fine if that's what you want to do. Mine started going 3 mornings a week 9-1 at 11 months. It was great for her and I think a 2 year old would certainly enjoy it and get more out of it. By that age, mine was in 3 full days 9-5 and loved it. I think if you can afford it and that's what you want, why not?

butterrfly Thu 14-Dec-17 19:43:14

Yes that's true, she does enjoy it very much. Thanks for your message smile

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Dairymilkmuncher Thu 14-Dec-17 11:36:59

If she's enjoying those two mornings already then three mornings isn't going to make much difference. You know her better than anyone so just go with what you think

I have a two year old that does two days a week 9-3 and that's going up after Christmas to three times a week 9-3. It's just perfect for him but that's him.

butterrfly Thu 14-Dec-17 11:32:46

I am a SAHM. Is sending my DD to nursery , 3 mornings a week,9-12 too much?

She currently goes 2 mornings a week 9-12, but i thinking to extend this to one more day.

Advice please?? Thank you smile

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