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Tadpoles or Pippa popins??

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user1494882341 Fri 08-Dec-17 15:07:30

Hello everyone, I have been offered a place both at Tadpoles and pippa popins for my DD. They are both equal distance from home. Any recommendations??? I have to decide in two days time!!! My intent is to prepare her for the independet school assessments. Would you know which one is best? I understand that both of them are nurturing, so I feel quite comforted on that side.

happygalah Sat 13-Jan-18 17:59:19

Which did you choose and why?

Tillypolly Thu 01-Feb-18 18:01:57

Definitely not Pippa .
We had awful experience, the school looked very nice and clean I believe that’s why most of mum had chosen it .
But ! The staff is the most important factor when to consider a school for our kids I think.
Pippa promted housekeeper/ cleaner - the lady has no childcare related qualifications and no previous uk teaching experience confused
Only reason I get to know this was coz I did pick up and drop off myself everyday last year (the lady was picking up rubbish from my daughters room) 1st day in autumn term,this same cleaning lady had a staff uniform on and there! she became a teacher ! The only qualification Pippa provided after my complaint was a paper from Sri Lanka nearly 20 years ago .... plus her dbs was for childcare-maintance.
What I find the most outages is the owner of Pippa Jane, she called this as outstanding, above average standards in regards to their staff ,totally denying the fact .
So please be aware....
Their staff turnover is extremely high also . 3 teachers we had to start with two were gone before the end of the year and 3rd left for maternity. (And all of them wanting to be a nanny, said they were not happy there )
I hope this help .
Happy to forward you more details if needed .

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