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Christmas gift for nursery teachers.

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Nicae Tue 21-Nov-17 20:52:32

DD1 started at a lovely nursery in September, she's a shy girl and they have done everything possible to help her settle in and develop her confidence. I'd like to get them a Christmas gift as a thank you but other than chocolate or biscuits, which I guess they're inundated with at this time of year, I haven't got any ideas. There are about 6 staff ( I'm not sure of exact numbers on the 2 mornings she goes) and I can't afford to spend a fortune but do want them to know how much I appreciate the work they do. So, any suggestions?

elliej83 Tue 21-Nov-17 21:03:51

I’ve literally just logged in to post the exact same thing! My little boy has quite a few members of staff across the 2 days he is in so individual gifts aren’t possible. I expect the norm is sweets etc but I wanted something a bit more special. Considered biscuiteers but seems expensive for what it is!

Owletterocks Tue 21-Nov-17 21:07:03

I have given mini bottles of prosecco and a small chocolate bar before, also given little personalised Christmas decorations

NotPennysBoat Tue 21-Nov-17 21:10:09

We bake a huge batch of really nice cookies every year and put in a Christmassy tin for the staff room. We always get the empty tin back the same day so I think they go down well!
Disclaimer: I'm not some master baker, I just follow a Nigella recipe!

purplecorkheart Tue 21-Nov-17 21:10:55

Nice coffee and tea, many places do.special Christmas blends?

Cottonwoolbawl Tue 21-Nov-17 21:12:55

Last year I made a hamper for the staff room. Tea bags (m&s) coffee, nice biscuits, sachets of latte etc

mamaiFifi Tue 21-Nov-17 21:13:14

I do a bottle of prosecco and a little chocolate treat your talking about £6 all in, i think its worth it shows they are appreciated. They only earn minimum wages in most places.

Goldenbug Tue 21-Nov-17 21:58:45

Not everybody does alcohol. I get given some quite often. I'm thankful of course, but have to regift it.

elliej83 Tue 21-Nov-17 22:05:31

Would love to know the recipe @notpennysboat

mamaiFifi Tue 21-Nov-17 22:54:27

You’re right Goldenbug, but most people would enjoy a glass at Christmas. I am a teacher and I would actually prefer no presents at xmas - maybe a charity gift if people are really eager to buy something. Its not fair on parents. There is only so many candles and pieces of jewelry you can have.

scrivette Wed 22-Nov-17 08:45:24

This year I am giving mini bottles of Prosecco, last year I gave personalised Christmas decorations.
One of the staff is heavily pregnant so she is getting an additional gift for the baby.

I will get DS to scribble draw a card as well and I will write a note thanking them for all of their hard work as they are all fantastic.

abear Wed 22-Nov-17 08:51:42

When I had younger DCs we used to plant a hyacinth in a pot which DC can either decorate or not. Something personal the children can be involved in doing and fairly neutral / can just be put outside in future years.

TeenTimesTwo Wed 22-Nov-17 11:53:30

My DD is an apprentice in a nursery and still lives at home.
She would appreciate anything as it is the thought that counts, but in particular a lush bath bomb, chocolates/sweets. (She doesn't drink alcohol or coffee.)

I'm assuming there is likely to be some pooling / swapping of some things. I'm also assuming that many will only buy for the key worker, DD hasn't any assigned children yet and works very hard for her <£4/hr.

LollyBeesLife Wed 22-Nov-17 12:07:29

I was taking to OH about this the other day. I'm sure they get lots of boxes of chocolate and biscuits..... so to add to that I was going to buy a box or 2 of Krispe Kremes - probably Christmas themed ones. DS has 1 key worker.... but everyone at the Nursery knows his name, his pet peeves and all seem to show him so much love.

I'll probably drop them off a little earlier than the week before Christmas too. I'm sure they get inundated with sweet treats in the last few days before the break.

I do like the idea of home baked cookies too smile

littlemisssunshine81 Wed 22-Nov-17 20:00:14

I was going to ask the same thing! Does everyone normaly buy a gift just for the key person or for all the staff? DS has one key person but there are a few that he seems to have bonded with really well so im not sure whats best..... x

NotPennysBoat Thu 23-Nov-17 20:55:14

@elliej83 I thought it was Nigella but it's actually Hummingbird Bakery - here's the recipe...

Summerdays2014 Sat 25-Nov-17 16:29:39

I’ve got the two key workers (he moved room recently) and the other member of staff he is so attached to £10 gift vouchers for our local shopping mall. They will be put inside a homemade card then they can put them towards whatever they want.

WhyTheHeckMe Fri 01-Dec-17 23:27:09

My ds is looked after by a lot of different staff during the week. I buy his key worker a bday present but for Xmas I've got a hamper and filled it with lots of little bits for the staff to share between themselves. All from asda - a selection of tubes of chocolates for £1 each, a couple of mini bottles of wine, the little make up and smelly gifi6ts which were a few quid each and also 3 for 2. It cost me a total of £15 but there is a lot in there and quite a variety smile

islandblone Fri 15-Dec-17 23:06:44

We get so many chocs/biscuits every Christmas and we appreciate the thought and a wee treat with a cup of tea. But honestly, the ones that stand out are the personal ones. A sweet card with a kiddo's drawing, a handmade decoration or homebakes. Biscuits baked and iced with love with go down just as well as(if not better than) a fancy box.
Other than that, a nice handcream to fight against the 100 times a day we wash our hands?
Have they had a staff night out yet? Some of our parents put a bit of money in the kitty to help buy drinks, which is so lovely, although a little strange when my boss hands me a drink and tells me it's from a 3 year old girl and her parents.

Whatever you decide to do, I'm sure the staff will really appreciate the thought and effort.

Maccapacca88 Sat 16-Dec-17 09:19:12

I'm having the same dilemma. Thinking a bottle of amaretto for the girls' Christmas party?

Coloursthatweremyjoy Sat 16-Dec-17 09:28:45

In my nursery we are good for chocolates and biscuits until July. smile

What I really like is a nice personalised message in a card. I keep them all. On rough days I can remind myself why it's all worth it!

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