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Nurseries in Stoke Newington, London

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minnie77 Tue 17-Apr-07 15:56:05

I would be very grateful for recommendations (or otherwise!) for nurseries in Stoke Newington. My baby is due in July and will need to go to nursery from February next year.

SydneyB Wed 18-Apr-07 08:33:34

Hi there - my DD is going to a new nursery in Stamford Hill from July when she'll be 7 months. Is called Tyssen Children's Centre and is on the same site as the primary school. Just opened in Jan and lovely with separate dark room with cots for naps etc. Not got an Ofsted report yet as so new but is run by someone I know and trust. Doesn't come up on any of the local nursery listings yet - is on Oldhill Road - number is 8806 4130. There's also Minihome on Allen Rd, part of Yogahome but it has a massive waiting list that I've been on since DD was in womb... drawback is that cots are all out in open main area so diff if your LO likes naps in darkened area. Rainbow is good too but also massive waiting list. Then there's Coconut but that only takes from 10 months. Hope this helps!

SleepIsForTheWeak Sat 05-May-07 14:56:03

I just went to see Coconut yesterday, I quite liked it. Less "funky" than minihome, but a nice quiet dark room with cots and beds for them to sleep in. But, yes, from 10 mo only.
As a matter of interest (I havent put my DS in any nursery yet) - how much is the one in Stamford hill?

Baja Mon 14-May-07 13:20:30

I cannot recommend Coconut highly enough. We had our son in another nursery, and it's is was not right, he didn't sleep, was upset for 6months. The first day we settled our son he slept for 3hrs, more than at home ever, and it was no looking back from there. I love the staff, they're young but broody, so attentive and careing, and even though the admin is a little flakey, it's just because they focus all their attention on the kids, and that's the way it should be. Their space is wonderful too, our son is always happy to go in and takes time to get out! When he's had his off days with drop offs they cuddle him till he's happy! All the parents say it's the best place in the world, and initially i thought that was just very good pr, but it's true.

minnie77 Tue 15-May-07 14:49:39

Thanks all - this is so helpful - seems so much to organise at the mo!

LoveAngel Fri 18-May-07 09:56:53

My advice to you would be to put your name down on all the waiting lists you can, even if you don't fall in love with the nursery - just give yourself plenty of options. The waiting lists in N16 are fierce, and you may have to go with your second or third choice depending on where places come up. The good news is there are loads of decent nurseries in the area. Personally speaking, m y son has been at the Firestation nursery since he was 7 mths old simply as it was the only place that came up. The building is pretty crappy, there's not much outside space and they can be a bit disorganised sometimes - but the staff are terrific, the atmosphere is truly like home from home, and my son, who is now 2 and a bit, loves it there - his keyworkers have become like family to him and he looks forward to going like its a great big treat :-) xxx

hoxtonchick Fri 18-May-07 10:00:15

there's a new children's centre on rectory road, Linden. smart new building. i don't know anything about it though. my dd goes to a children's centre in e8 which we love.

LoveAngel Fri 18-May-07 12:08:49

Yep, I put my name down for Linden, too. It's a great building and has very organised, school-like feel about it. Not sure if it would suit babies or very young toddlers though...? They called me 18 mths after I put my name down to say they had a place free...ummm..yeh...cheers for that! lol

SydneyB Fri 18-May-07 16:15:21

Sleepisfortheweak - Tyssen is £44 a day and they don't make you pay for 5 days if you only want 4, unlike Yogahome. Works out £750 per calendar month and they only close 2 weeks easter and xmas and bank hols and don't make you pay for those weeks.

frogs Sat 19-May-07 16:57:34

The Bath House in Shacklewell Lane is fantastic, if you like the free-flowing, creative Stoke Newington vibe. Not the place for people who like a worksheety, schooly kind of setup though. They take children from 18 months up, but you need to put name down early.

babygooner Wed 23-May-07 18:34:08

Does anyone have LOs at Minihome or know anyone who does? Going to look 'round tomorrow.

babygooner Thu 21-Jun-07 18:22:32

Bump. Think I'm going to take up a place in their baby room and would love to hear other parents experiences/opinions. Seems really really nice.

KatarzynaZ Sun 19-May-13 23:23:21

I found a leaflet at Stoke Newington library.There is a new nursery opening on Allen road they call Little Stars Nursery. They take children from 2 to 5 years old only.

KatarzynaZ Sun 19-May-13 23:31:59

I just looked at the date of the post daa. Sorry for any inconveniencesad

Lensywensy Sat 03-May-14 17:34:43

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Lensywensy Sat 03-May-14 17:36:46

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Sarahgeeves45 Wed 07-May-14 18:14:19

I actually happen to know a few people who work at that nursery and I have to say I am hugely surprised at this post.

I firstly couldn't disagree more. My daughter went to this nursery and my child was well looked after, loved and was always happy when I dropped her off.
I happen to find your post rather startling and I will be speaking to a few people from the team to find out exactly where this has all come from, as I for one will always defend what I feel to be the safest place for my child, or any for that matter.

I say this with such emotion as this is a community page for mothers or expectant mothers who wish to seek advice as to where they can leave their child in peace. For such a slanderous rumour to be started is astonishing not to mention the fact that there are many nurseries that probably warrant this kind of backlash but not twinkle tots, not the owner and not the staff in this nursery.

Abuse in children is a subject that people should not fool with and it shakes me that in this society people would be so quick to point the finger at innocent parties. This post is merely to defend the nursery in question by saying this is a fabulous, honest, genuine and happy nursery and I quite frankly was blessed that my child had some of her favourite memories from there. I hope this post does not go unnoticed and that people do not always believe in hearsay because let's face it, in this day and age any sort of 'child abuse' would not go unnoticed and I'm pretty positive a media circus would be all over this and as there isn't, well I suggest you take this into great consideration!

JandJsMum2013 Fri 09-May-14 14:07:43

Regarding Lensywensy statements. I'm shocked you've taken them down. I for one would always like to be informed of bad things happening at nurseries in my area. You can never be too careful when it comes to your own children. I'm sure many people have had good exeperineces there, but that doesn't erase what has happened to this other woman's child!! Active Learning in crouch end is now also under Ofstead investigation.

This was based on one case alone. I have friends who have now taken there children out of this nursery based on this event. If this is a community for sharing, we need to share it all. it's great to hear wonderful stories about differnt places, but i for one, as I've said would definitely like to be kept informed of bad things too. We should also not attack each other. When a mother tells a story of someone harming her child, our first response should be concern for the mother and the baby, not for the nursery. Anyway, I'd certainly be weary of this nursery now. Turning a blind eye is not a smart thing when your children are involved.

Taylan2011 Sun 11-May-14 01:12:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lornasbuddy Fri 16-May-14 19:57:24

Hi there,
I have posted my review of my sons nursery elsewhere and thought I would share it here with you guys.
Please remember this is only my experience but am so proud to have watched this nursery turn around that I thought it would be worth sharing.

Having moved to Stoke Newington from Swiss Cottage when I was seven months pregnant, I was advised instantly to view/enrol my unborn child into a nursery immediately if I wanted to secure a 'good' nursery place for my son (as I intended to go back to work part time when he was around 6months).

I looked around the local nurseries and was overwhelmed with the wonderful choices available.

As I am self employed I was looking for something affordable and obviously somewhere my son could play, be safe and learn.

When I first looked around TFSN I must admit I was a tad bit snooty. The space was well in need of a lick of paint, the toys looked like they had seen better days but the children and staff were wonderful. After my first impressions (mainly aesthetic) I noticed there was something quite charming about this community nursery, and the prices were unbeatable.

So I enrolled my rather clingy wonderful baby and 8 months later could not be happier with the level of care and love that has been showered on my son.

I have witnessed many changes in the nursery over the last few months. New management has taken over, the staff have almost taken it over as a democracy. There primary aim to get the nursery and educational levels up to the best they can, and that the children deserve.

Firstly on the aesthetics me and some of the other parents have grouped together and managed to get incredible decorators, and artists to donate time to give the nursery a beautiful make over which will be happening over the coming weeks. The staff are building a sensory room and redesigning the toddler room this summer.

The staff are all working to lift the level of care given to the children and I feel proud to have watched this nursery grow from strength to strength this last few months.

And I have one very happy little boy that waves me off in the mornings when I leave for work with a big smile on his face. Priceless.

Helenmonkeypuzzle Fri 18-Mar-16 13:59:55

Hi! I just wanted to let you know about our brand new nursery opening June 2016 in the brand new Stoke Newington Methodist Church. It's a monkey puzzle- check out the website. Everything is brand new and beautiful and we will have the best most wonderful staff to care for the children.
I'm a new mum myself and understand the worries of sending your child into someone else's care.
Please register your interest at or 01442 878887 we would love to hear from you xx

incywinci Thu 16-Jun-16 15:38:22

Hi, does anyone have any experience of N16 tots? Thanks

poop1 Fri 29-Jul-16 16:40:56

We LOVE N16 Tots, our child is there and has been for 6 months now. Very loving staff, very transparent and open with parents, they're happy for parents to drop in whenever they like etc. They don't have an outside space at the nursery but go to the park once or twice a day which is great for the kids. Our child has gone from strength to strength there.
I think the space might be moving from one address to another though, so best to check out if the new space is as roomy (I'm yet to find this out).

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