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Half day or full day?

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BerryBee Thu 09-Nov-17 09:10:51

Be grateful for some advice.

My DD will start nursery when she's about 20 months old. My mum is looking after her 2 days a week and it's on these 2 days that I want her to have some time at nursery (my mum would drop off and pick up).

I was initially thinking of just half days but my mum would probably not drop her off till 9 and then I now realise she'd need to be picked up at 12 so she can have a nap. The nursery we want has the children nap at 12. If we have morning sessions, I'll have paid up until 1 but it would make no sense to pick her up then as her nap would be cut short.

So essentially if we paid for half days (7.30-1) my DD would only by there for about 3 of those hours. This would be on 2 consecutive days.

So my question is, do you think that'd be ok or would it be better to pay for full days - in which case she's probably do more like 9-3 or 4.

I guess I'm wondering if she'll find it hard to settle if she's there for only 3 hours a day / 6 hours a week.


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mindutopia Thu 09-Nov-17 10:33:19

I wouldn't pay for 7:30-1 and then only bring her 9-12. I would either find a nursery that can do hours that suit you or bring her for the full time (whether that's half day or full day). I think they can settle in just fine doing half days, but I would keep them actually half days, not shortened half days. Could you do 9-2 and pick her up after her nap? Otherwise, yes, I would just do the 9-3. Mine was in 3 days a week 9-5 at 11 months and she did just fine, so I don't think longer stretches are bad at all. It's more about what works for you (how long you need her to be there, whether it's easier to cut short a nap for the sake of keeping to certain hours, etc.). But nursery is expensive, so if you are paying for it, I would keep her there for the time you pay for.

BerryBee Thu 09-Nov-17 10:53:27

Thanks for responding!

Nurseries round here either do half or full days so you pay for 7.30-1 or 1-6. Or the whole day. There is a nursery that offers 3/4 days but I wasn't keen on it and it's for over 2s anyway.

So, no I can't pick her up at 2 without paying for a full day.

As my mum is looking after her the nursery is really respite for my mum and also for DD's development. But yes it is expensive.

It'd be biting off our nose to spite our face I think to get her there for 7.30 and wake her up at 1 just because we'd paid for it.

It's annoying that I can't pick her up at 2.

She has breakfast around 7.30 and my mum would take her after that so actually it'd be more like 8-12. Do you think going for 4 hours a day would be ok? As in, would it be beneficial for the baby / baby would settle ok? Thank you!

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willisurvive3under2 Thu 09-Nov-17 11:00:56

DS used to do 12-5, which included lunch and nap. Started at 10 months and settled in well, despite it being just 2 days a week.

He’s now 15 months and really enjoys it there, so we have upped his hours to 2 full days to give us a chance to work/rest more (I’m pregnant with twins so I need some help!).

BerryBee Thu 09-Nov-17 11:20:54

Thanks that's really helpful to know. So 8-12 might be good to start with and then we can up to a full day if she likes it!

Good luck with the twins!

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insancerre Fri 10-Nov-17 13:54:37

It would be better to pay for full days and just pick up early
The other option is to wait a few months and put her in the nursery for over 2s with the shorter days

BerryBee Fri 10-Nov-17 14:26:39

Thanks. Why do you think that?

Yes, good point about the over 2s but I wasn't keen on that nursery really.

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