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Private nursery or school nursery?

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Eleast Wed 08-Nov-17 10:27:24

Can I have some opinions please. Trying to decide whether to keep my son at his private nursery or send him to a school nursery from January as he 3 this month.
I love his nursery and they do preschool and uniforms and he would be doing two 8.30-4.30 days. But then I worry it’s better for adjusting to go to school for 5 mornings or afternoons. Plus the school is walking distance.
But there’s no guarantee that going to their nursery would get him in the school and I don’t want to move him from one nursery to another just to move him again for school. And my MIL takes her granddaughter there and we haven’t spoken in 6 months (very long story) and she hasn’t seen the kids and I dread running in to her and my son getting upset by it plus he will be in the class with his cousin so he’s bound to remember her and realise he hasn’t seen his nan in 6 months.
I don’t know if he’s even got a place yet but I just wanted to know peoples experiences and opinions on the decision?

mindutopia Wed 08-Nov-17 10:38:47

I would keep him where he is. Mine was in a private nursery and when she started school there were two from her nursery who went to the same school (one was a good friend, but the other she wasn't close to at all) so most of the kids were new. She transitioned just fine. I think it was actually easier and better because it was new and exciting. She was very proud to be going to 'big school' and really excited by all the new things and the new routine. It would have been a bit of a let down had she been in the feeder preschool I think. If you're happy with the nursery he's in now, I'd keep him there and transition when the time comes.

Eleast Wed 08-Nov-17 18:02:35


Anyone else?

Ttbb Wed 08-Nov-17 18:14:33

I would just stay where you are if tou don't know whether he will be attending that school.

dramallamakarma Wed 08-Nov-17 18:19:11

I moved DD at 3 to her preschool but then we were in catchment for the primary so knew she’d be going there.

Now out of her foundation class of 16, 9 of them went to the preschool so she knew the majority and wasn’t much of a transition.

Your MIL obviously throws a spanner in the works, what does your DH say?

fairlyaverage Wed 08-Nov-17 18:30:15

If he is happy then I would leave him. I think he may appreciate the familiarity of environment and people. The main thing for me when leaving my kids at nursery is their happiness and I would personally not want to risk that by moving them unless I had to.

Eleast Wed 08-Nov-17 18:34:09

He’s not totally decided either. But he’s more inclined to send him to the school because he thinks it a better transition doing the half days. If they have availability I could do afternoon sessions to avoid MIL but that may not work as my youngest currently naps 3-4pm but he is going to be starting to transition to one afternoon nap soon I think.

Plus there’s the selfish aspect. Currently both boys do one day each at nursery. We decided I’d stay home until they were at school and we think 1 day is good for them to socialise learn and do messy play. And it means I get a day one on one with each of them which is fun because the whole day revolves around them. I take LO to splash time Friday mornings but can’t do that if my eldest is at home on the mornings and oddly all the pools do them in the morning round here. Plus I’d only get half a day with my eldest and he’s growing up so fast and I love that time with him. Yes I will be the mom crying at the school gates!
Plus if he stays at the nursery he can go during half term as long as we top up the fees. I just feel like I’m supposed to move him to a school and I’m doing wrong by keeping him there
I am so indecisive

ReturnfromtheStars Fri 10-Nov-17 03:08:50

My daughter stayed in her nursery and transitioned great to school. It might even be better preparation for your son to have full days as he will have school days at school too. I also loved having full days with her. You are not at all supposed to move him, nursery works along the same early years framework as school.

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