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Problem with finance manager replying to emails

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SeaSawRocker Wed 01-Nov-17 16:07:36

My DD (2.4) attends a private day Nursery 3 days a week. The nursery itself is fantastic, the staff are amazing, the ideas they come up with brilliant and my DD loves going.

But if you send an email to the finance manager about anything (your directed to email her with questions about fees, meals, trips and extras such a uniform) you never get a response ever.

I recently sent her an email about the funded hours as my DD is entitled to the Think 2 funding but I also pay for hours on top. It was quite an important email as it was asking about what was included with the free hours and also ordering uniform for my DD. No response. A week later sent the same email again in case it got missed. No response. Ask my DDs keyworker to ask the FM about it in case she missed, KW came back and told me she'd asked but wasn't allowed to know the answers as it was confidential information.

It's now almost a month after I sent the 2nd email and I've still had no response. I can't afford to be given a bill for any days she doesn't get funding for at the end of the academic year or any meals not paid for so need a response. She's been attending as normal even in non term time as I've not been told otherwise (I still need to send her when it's not term time)

What can I do about this? It's seriously putting me off the Nursery and I'm considering giving notice and removing DD which would be a shame as she loves it and the staff themselves are brilliant.

pinyata Wed 01-Nov-17 16:21:09

I would email asking what there complaints procedure is as you have been waiting over a month for a response.

If still nothing I would go in and speak to one of the seniors or manager.

Chosenbyyou Sun 05-Nov-17 13:22:30

Ring up and ask for a meeting - there is a lot of detail with the 30 'free' hours that you need to understand. There is a good chance they will bill you for extra hours so you need to discuss this with them asap.

Snap8TheCat Sun 05-Nov-17 13:30:26

The think 2 funding is 15 hours a week termo time only. Or can be stretched across the year but 11 hours a week. However they choose it’s for a total of 570 hours a year.

Snap8TheCat Sun 05-Nov-17 13:31:04

Can you not phone her?

AppleKatie Sun 05-Nov-17 13:33:45

I would email a complaint direct to the manager in this situation I think. If the manager couldn't sort it inside a week it's new nursery time im afraid.

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