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Hira87 Mon 30-Oct-17 11:33:46

I took my 10 months old to the nursery for first settling in And it was horrendous. He is a very cling boy. How was your little one settling ins and how did they adjust in nursery later?

welshweasel Mon 30-Oct-17 11:41:06

Mine started at 4 months so obviously no problems! He's moved rooms twice since then and each time it takes a week or so for him to settle. At 10 months I'd expect a couple of weeks to settle in (assuming going 5 days a week). It's horrible for you but they are usually fine as soon as you've left. I do a v quick goodbye and just leave rather than trying to go gradually. The nursery usually text a picture to me once he's settled, never takes more than 5 minutes!

RidingMyBike Tue 31-Oct-17 17:03:09

Mine started at 12 months and was pretty much fine. The first settling in I stayed with her and filled in forms whilst her keyworker played with her. The second day I stayed until she was settled and playing with keyworker then left for half an hour - she was fine. The third settling in Day I stayed again until she was settled with keyworker then left for three hours (which included over lunchtime). She was a little upset as I left the room but by the time I was down the stairs and in reception and checked on the CCTV I could see she was playing happily? She then started nursery properly the following week doing 3 days of 7.40am to 6pm.

Is yours used to being with other people? We don’t have any extended family but I’d made sure she was used to interacting with people at my church and a group of my friends - she has been happy to be left with some of them when I’ve had a dental or medical appt which turns out to have been good practice for Nursery.

Does your nursery have CCTV so you can check that they have settled once you’ve left the room?

Good luck! I loved that sense of freedom once I knew I could walk away and she was in safe hands.

RidingMyBike Tue 31-Oct-17 17:14:30

Also, don’t hang around when handing them over and don’t make a big deal over it - they pick up on your anxieties.

Changerofname987654321 Tue 31-Oct-17 17:26:47

First session was only 30 mins and she cried for 30 mins. I told DH I was quitting work, while sobbing. He said he would support me in that decision but not on the basis of one settling in session as he knew I wanted to go back. Any way, 19 sessions later she did her first full day she was 11 months at this time. As soon as she started full days, 3 days a week she settled in. Now at 17 months she loves everything about it.

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