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Nursery for two year old

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AnneCaroline Wed 25-Oct-17 22:03:46

What is everyone's opinion on sending a (just) 2-year old to a Montessori nursery 5 mornings a week? My son has a place in January, but he also has a place at the nursery of his sister's school from September. There's no actual 'need' to send him now other than perhaps benefitting socially and developmentally. I take him to playgroups and a friend looks after him twice a week for a few hours. I had a bad experience with my daughter at that age which keeps me from making an objective decision. She was too young in retrospect, but he's a different person. Thanks for your thoughts!

Melabela10 Fri 27-Oct-17 20:47:54

It all depends on the nursery and your child. I think it’s startig getting beneficial for their social development to start a nursery at 2. I think half days are ideal rather than full days.

Please make also sure Montessori nursery is a true Montessori teaching because some nurseries just use it in their name utilising very few Montessori techniques.

jannier Sat 28-Oct-17 10:43:40

There is no need to socialise a toddler of 2 by sending them to nursery you can do that by taking them to groups yourself. the government fund 2 year olds from deprived backgrounds because the parents were identified as not usually being able to give their children the same access to experiences as more well off/ or physically able parents so they introduced the funding.
The government are also pushing nursery funding to get people back to work and sidestep issues of childcare being expensive.

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