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Christmas Present for Keyworker?

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SnorkellingCat Fri 06-Oct-17 20:28:32

DD has been at a Private Nursery since September 2016, she attends 3 days a week.

She has a few extra needs; a delay of around 4-6 months, a hip condition, a hearing problem, a squint and is suspected imunocompromised. Her delay includes a speech delay - DD does not speak to Nursery, not to staff or other children, I've recently been told she also doesn't cry there and if she has an accident she carries even if she's bleeding.

Her keyworker is amazing! She was first assigned to DD in November 2016, then she went off to do exams in May 2017 and DD moved to toddlers and DD was given a new keyworker. This keyworker went off on Maternity Leave at the beginning of September and DD was reassigned to her original keyworker as she moved into the toddler room for experience.

Keyworker is so great with DD and DD adores her. Even though she doesn't talk at Nursery when she goes in in the morning and sees her keyworker her face lights up, and when we talk about the keyworker outside of Nursery DD smiles and seems really happy. The Keyworker has picked up what is normal behaviour for DD and twice noticed very slight or subtle changes like less wet nappies or her drinking more/less, has rung us and it's been picked up that DD has a chest infection both times, and left longer she'd have ended up seriously ill in hospital (according to the GP).

I want to get the keyworker and amazing Christmas present to show how much we appreciate her. Last year DD hadn't been there long so I just took a hamper in for the staff room, which I will do again for all the staff (as they're all lovely and work very hard and have some fantastic ideas), but I'd like something a little bit special just for the keyworker, but I have no idea what I'm also going to email the general manager and check that individual staff are allowed their own presents just in case but shouldn't be a problem

The only rules on gifts are no nuts and no alcohol. So any suggestions welcome please.

I know the keyworker is my age (we went to school together!) so mid 20s and has 2 children of her own (both now in school). But I don't know much else.

MissJSays Mon 09-Oct-17 21:52:30

That’s lovely, I’m happy for your DD that she has such a fantastic key person. We generally get ALOT of chocolate, I love chocolate but we get given so much of it at Christmas it’s almost sickening. So I’d avoid that!
What about a card with an appreciative message written in, that would mean so much to me, it would really make me smile. You could maybe put a gift card inside for a shop you think she might like, maybe new look or h&m or something?
A card made by my key child and a lovely message really is the best gift. We do a hard job for very little money, it is a labour of love. We don’t want fancy pressies, we just enjoy the ‘thank you’

SnorkellingCat Mon 09-Oct-17 22:02:53

MissJ I'll definitely make a card with DD, I'll be making them with her to send to family anyway so one extra won't be a problem. Gift card is a great idea, that way if she feels it's too much she can give it to the General Manager to spend on the nursery.

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