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user1495827045 Tue 19-Sep-17 14:41:20

Hi all,

I was phoned by my 3 year old sons nursery today asking me to pick him up as very upset, crying lots and asking for me, I picked him up and he seemed fine, had low temp when I checked however Dr had no concerns when I spoke with them.
When I asked my son if he was feeling unwell, he said no and that he doesn't like nursery, when I asked why, he gave the name of a girl there who he said pushes or hits him. I emailed nursery with my concerns, they said they were shocked as the little girl is full time and very well behaved, but would keep an eye, they suggested my son might just be tired from his recent increase in hours.
Should I go by what my son says and look for another nursery as he still cries and clings onto me after a year of attending and is saying he doesn't like it?
Maybe me worrying and being overprotective..?!?

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UnicornRainbowColours Tue 19-Sep-17 16:25:17

how often does he go? Is he clingy in other situations. A year to settle sounds like he just doesn't like being there it can't hurt to try somewhere else.

user1495827045 Tue 19-Sep-17 17:38:10

Hello! Thanks for replying, he is fine elsewhere, always been a mummies boy so at home he will always want me to do bath time bed etc however he has been attending nursery a year and even if he sees someone he plays with, he will still be reluctant to go in confused he attends Monday morning, all day Tuesday, all days Thursday and Friday mornings, they always say he is fine and has enjoyed himself but he always reluctant to tell me about his day and obviously concerned after he made the comments above. X

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UnicornRainbowColours Wed 20-Sep-17 12:27:10

Could you hang around and watch through a window to see how he is when your gone?

I worked in nursery before becoming a nanny and most children settle eventually. When you leave, I'm just thinking if you take him out you might have to go through this again in a new nursery.

I do wonder if the staff maybe are to busy to deal with him and calm him when he first arrives. Because we had a little boy who was very similar but eventually he had a certain staff member who could take him off and calm him and that helped him a lot.

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