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Experience of nurseries in N15 London?

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PP1981 Tue 19-Sep-17 08:38:53

Hi there, just wondering if anyone had experience of nurseries in the N15 area? And a bit of general advice on nurseries please! I'm looking to put my son down early next year and I've looked at woodlands Park which is my favourite, but cannot put him down for a place until September 2018. I think I've narrowed it down to either Orange nursery (Turnpike Lane) which looks great but is really expensive, or Noah's Ark. Orange nursery is more polished but Noah's ark felt incredibly warm and welcoming despite the lesser facilities. My only major reservation with Noah's Ark was it had very little outdoor space but a good park nearby where they take the kids daily for activities. Orange is easier for me to get to from work and/or home but from experience, can anyone tell me if it's worth paying a bit more for the convenience of a nursery being better located to work/home? Plus Orange also includes all nappies, formula etc in their fees so again, convenient not having to provide any of those things. Any advice or experience on either of these, or any other decent ones in the area, would be be much appreciated!

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