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15 hours???

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MumToBe2015R Fri 15-Sep-17 11:37:49


So this is all new for us as first time parents. LO went 2 in August & is entitled to 15hours free from September. He's been allocated a place and is starting on Tuesday next week.

However he's been given 2 days (Tuesday & Friday) 8:45am - 3:30pm

I calculate that as 6.45hours a day

However when I bought this up to the lady in charge she said that's just the way it is.

It's not like they can't give the extra 45minutes because they are actually open 8am - 6pm.

Is this normal? So they will be getting paid for the full 15 hours from the government but only giving us 13.5 hours per week.

I know it's only 1.30hrs a week, but all adds up in the end.

Anyone else experienced this?

Tyia x

poddige Fri 15-Sep-17 11:39:19

I think nurseries actually receive less from government places than they would charge.

Possibly doing this to try make up costs? Or could it include lunch/Nappies/wipes?

MumToBe2015R Fri 15-Sep-17 11:45:19

Thank you for your reply poddige

Really? I didn't know that happens shock

We have to supply nappies/wipes

They supply lunch & snacks.

Allthebestnamesareused Fri 15-Sep-17 11:47:10

Think yourself lucky if you are getting that without any charge whatsoever as many settings would wxpect the 15 hours to be over more days with you paying gor additional hours at a higher rate than they are paid by government and for extras such as food nappies etc

HSMMaCM Fri 15-Sep-17 20:49:52

If you're not doing 15 hours, they won't be able to claim 15 hours. They will claim the hours you do. I'm surprised they won't offer you more though. Even though the government doesn't pay all the costs

jeansandtrainers Fri 15-Sep-17 20:52:51

Is it term time only hours or will your LO be there during school holidays too? Some childcare settings spread the free hours over the whole year (but you only get 38 weeks x 15 hrs free) so less hours per week if spread out. Does that make sense?!

Doje Fri 15-Sep-17 20:54:07

I'm not sure about the 15 hours, but certainly the 30 hrs (at 3 yrs old) are term time only, but some nurseries allow you to provide rate them across the full year.

Lunde Fri 15-Sep-17 23:02:51

The 15 hours is only funded by the government for 38 weeks - school termtime. Some nurseries spread the hours over the whole year so you don't get a huge bill in the school holidays

insancerre Sat 16-Sep-17 08:45:10

They will only be able to claim the hours attended
You could use your hours on another day and pay for the difference

CWG17 Sat 16-Sep-17 08:49:46

The 2yo 15 hours are funded properly - at least in my LA, because they are for 'disadvantaged' children (ie. parents who claim certain benefits, looked after children etc)

But if your provider is only giving you 13.5 hours that's all they can claim back from the LA, not the full 15 hours.

Is your DC going year-round or just during term time? 15 hours year works out to about 11 hours/week compared to 15 hours in term time only.

Notreallyarsed Sat 16-Sep-17 08:52:56

DS2 is entitled to 15 hours but currently only get 12.5 because he's not ready to move up to the 3-5 room yet, and the toddler room doesn't do those hours. That doesn't sound like the situation in your nursery though, can you find out from other parents what's going on? It seems a long day for a wee one that doesn't need to be in nursery all day (for working parents I mean)

MumToBe2015R Sat 16-Sep-17 12:36:42

They said they are giving me 2 full days because they don't have any space for morning/afternoon sessions left. Although she did say normally children who are entitled to 15 hours free only get the 2.5 hours per day session so I'm getting what a paying parent would get

HSMMaCM Sat 16-Sep-17 12:50:29

Just ask to go on the waiting list for an extra session then and you'll have your full 15 hours.

Char22thom Tue 19-Sep-17 20:38:01

you should have to sign some agreement to what hours are being claimed, so check whether they are claiming 15 or 13.5hrs. if they can't give you the hours then they can't but you need to make sure they are only claiming the hours you are using.

MumToBe2015R Wed 20-Sep-17 13:00:40

Thank you for your replies.

They haven't had us sign any sort of agreement & we're already on Day 2 of Settling in week x

namechangedtoday15 Fri 06-Oct-17 23:27:22

Nurseries are allowed to offer the free hours in a way that works for the nursery. So they perhaps offer the sessions like that as (presumably) they're not convenient for most parents to just use those hours, so the nursery can legitimately charge for (say) 8-8.45 and 3.30-6.

Most nurseries make a loss on the "free" hours because the money they receive from the government is less than the actual cost they incur in offering those hours, so nurseries look at ways in which they can provide the hours without going under.

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