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Tiddley Tots nursery in East Finchley

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AgaKlu Tue 12-Sep-17 09:23:40

We are planning to move our 2 and a half year old from Monkey Puzzle to Tiddley Tots. It's just closer to us and the 30 hour policy seems much more transparent. Also Monkey Puzzle got Inadequate rating from the recent Ofsted inspection and Tiddley Tots is Good. However I would appreciate if anyone could share their first hand experience with the Tiddley Tots nursery. Thank you very much in advance x

Kristyau Sun 22-Oct-17 01:10:35

Hi AgaKlu,

I am currently looking for a nursery place for my son who is 27 months, I wanted to send my son to Monkey Puzzle as it is closer but there is no available place.
I visited Tiddly tots as well, I like the nursery environment, very clean and tidy. Would also love to hear anyone who has sent their children there.


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