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nurseries in waterloo

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MarmiteAndPB Fri 08-Sep-17 10:22:38

I'm starting research into childcare for when I return from maternity leave - baby isn't even due until February but the nursery attached to my work has worried me by saying that I need to be joining the waiting list now!

I was wondering whether anyone has any recommendations or advice on nurseries in the Waterloo area? We would be starting our baby there at around 9 - 12 months old, we think.


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LondonLassInTheCountry Fri 15-Sep-17 01:10:03

All good nurseries will have long waiting lists

MarmiteAndPB Sat 16-Sep-17 08:05:02

So I've discovered! It seems crazy to me that we have to think so far in advance, I haven't even had my 20 week scan yet. But I have registered with a couple now. It's a bit annoying to have to pay to register with several to keep our options open because I don't actually know what our situation will be in over a year's time!

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