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Nurseries/Childminders in Godalming/Farncombe

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lt25 Thu 07-Sep-17 21:33:00

Hi all, we're moving to Godalming (Farncombe side) in November this year and looking for childcare for our daughter who will be nearly 18 months when we move. Open to either nursery or childminder as she currently goes to a home-setting nursery in London where we live now and loves it. Any recommendations welcome! Looking for 2 days/week or so. Thank you smile

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boldlygoingsomewhere Fri 08-Sep-17 07:18:09

Plenty of choice in that area. I've known people put their children in Major Minors, Losely Fields and Rocking Horse nurseries which they've all spoken highly of.

The local community board on Facebook is also good for getting a range of recommendations.

lt25 Fri 08-Sep-17 13:06:33

Thanks very much @boldlygoingsomewhere! What is the local community board called? I'll look it up smile

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Bin85 Fri 08-Sep-17 13:14:19

Godalming Community Board plus there is Children's Activities in Godalming and lots of flourishing buy and sell/ free cycle groups

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