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Sleep ratios

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ACubed Thu 07-Sep-17 07:13:57

Hello, I work at a big nursery chain and they've said the new eyfs states standard ratios must be kept even when all the children are sleeping. I've read through and can't find anything on this, can any nursery workers advise? Not necessarily a negative thing but I'm just keen to know if it's statutory. Thanks.

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insancerre Thu 07-Sep-17 08:02:51

The framework states that ratios must be maintained at all times. But children must be within sight or hearing, which suggests that not all staff have to be in the room with sleeping children
Ratios do apply to the whole building and the total amount of adults available
Sonstaff can be spread out over the duffer t rooms but overall thebratios must be adhered to
However, if a nursery that goes above and beyond this, then obviously staff need to follow tha policy or else it's a disciplinary matter

ACubed Thu 07-Sep-17 21:18:46

Thanks for the reply.

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