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Nursery constantly changing staff. Am I being dramatic or should there be a routine?

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laurajayne3 Wed 06-Sep-17 21:21:10

My little boy is now 17 months old. Since he was 12-13 months he's been going to nursery. Last week he now has another person looking after the under 2s and in a new room as the other is now with the older ones. This is 4th person and room change in 4-5 months! I'm worried it's going to unsettle him constantly changing. I know he may get used to it. But its hard as it is. And he's getting quite clingy now. The 3rd change annoyed me as he'd just started getting used to the 2nd one, but the 3rd lady was great. Not sure what the 4th lady is like as she's never been there in the morning when I've left him. It's been other people I don't know. And it was getting easier to leave him as he wasn't stuck to my leg or crying. He's never had anyone longer than a month and half. Isn't this age about routine and familiarity? And god knows in another month if his person and room will.change again! Or is this normal for a nursey and I'm being dramatic? He's my first so unsure how nurseries are. Thanks

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Mama234 Wed 06-Sep-17 21:27:20

Its not normal no, Do they always get moved around or do the people actually leave the nursery and get a job elsewhere?
High staff turnover usually shows a poorly run nursery.

Mama234 Wed 06-Sep-17 21:28:18

I would look at another nursery personally he's very young, He needs consistency.

laurajayne3 Wed 06-Sep-17 21:36:02

I know the first girl left. So noway round that. I've not 100% on the 2nd lady, although I'm pretty sure I did see her after he got moved from her. And the 3rd I know she still works there as the new one told me she had moved to an older room. So I don't understand the last 2 moves. This girl is new so maybe she will stay as the under 2s. It's frustrating as they don't even tell you. I only found out today as his normal room was empty so I had to go back to the manager and ask where he was. Last week when I saw the new lady I just assumed it was because of the holidays and she was helping in his room. Stressing me out as when I go in the mornings now I have no clue who to expect 😤

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Mama234 Wed 06-Sep-17 23:00:04

Look at some other nursery's they aren't meeting you or your sons needs, You are better off putting him in an environment you are happy with, I loved my sons old nursery so much I was really happy to leave him there as they meet all his needs and then some.
I always left him thinking what a fabulous day he would have and he did.
Have a good look around at places visit a couple of times one visit isn't always enough to get a good idea and ask about staff turn over and key workers. He's very small he needs am environment where things are consistent and they genuinely think about the children's needs.

FineAsWeAre Thu 07-Sep-17 07:10:03

There can occasionally be periods of high staff turnover - maternity leave, promotions, students qualifying and getting permanent jobs elsewhere etc but if it's happening frequently I would be concerned. The last setting I worked in constantly had staff leaving and it was awful, where I am now the staff have been there years and it's much better. I would speak to the manager and consider moving settings.

laurajayne3 Sun 22-Oct-17 02:10:41

Just a quick update. After I complained they apologised about not keeping me informed and couldn't have been nicer. And the new lady was hired to be the room leader of the under 2s so this change is permanent. And the room. Even in the mornings when all ages are grouped together till all the staff come in, the use the baby room so they're not switching from one room to the next later on in the morning. And I got to pick his key worker. I leave him in the morning with no tears and dont have to sneak out. So very happy now. Thank you for all ur comments and making me feel like i wasn't be very dramatic, as I'm glad I spoke to them now x

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