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Recommendations for Nurseries in the Bristol area of Cotham, Clifton, St Andrews and Redland.

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faequeen Wed 30-Aug-17 15:26:48

Hi, we have just moved to Cotham and looking for some feedback about nurseries in the Bristol area of Cotham, Clifton, St Andrews and Redland for my 20 month dd as I dont mind a 6 min drive to some of these places. Looking for a couple of days or some mornings as dd naps late afternoon.

Heres what I have viewed already.. maybe this helps others too..

Archfield House, Cotham - Huge organisation. Good outside area and friendly staff, but felt it was so busy - and was not keen on the number of male members of staff, just from statistics, it made me feel nervous, sorry! Just looking for that warmth and my dd not keen on men for some reason. Also a few very young children I could see looked to be all on their own for a long time, wandering aimlessly, which made me feel bit sad maybe it is because outside area so big and I'm so protective over mine. Basement for little ones felt bit small but don't get me wrong I was seriously considering it with a female key worker, it did feel cheery. Only do min full 2 days a week. Security seemed good.

Mama Bears in Clifton (Oakfield Road one) was very small so limited interactions for my active dd, I felt the 5 staff I saw were very young, the ones with the very young babies were so disinterested, maybe not paid much was my instinct with mama bears as its a franchise , maybe it was the rain sad just not a good feeling, ie no warmth. The downstairs basement had ballpit but felt bit dated, needing a clean. Difficult to get a parking space there had to park far away. They do mornings or afternoons but limited space. Bad security.

I really liked Poos Corner in Clifton, they had just had new flooring put in, I really liked it, very clean and a warmth to the people and place, VERY professionally trained staff. Good, staff were happy and into it. They don't have good availability though and parking ok but not great. Only do min full 2 days a week. Very into their foreign languages. Good security.

Looking at Green Door, St Andrews next as have heard good things. Do min of 2 full days again.

Let me know your thoughts, experiences. Thanks!

Nat34 Mon 04-Dec-17 19:34:30

Hi faequeen,

We're moving to Cotham in the New Year too and currently exploring childcare options. What did you think of Green Door and which option did you finally go with?

I've only looked at Archfield House and had exactly the same concerns as you.


mindutopia Tue 05-Dec-17 10:28:53

The Bristol Steiner School runs a nursery/preschool. I think it's in Cotham? They also have an actual school as well, so one is in Cotham, I think, and the other in Redlands. They are lovely though if that's what you're looking for and I would jump at the chance to send mine there (sadly, we live too far away for it to be realistic).

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