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Feeding time at the zoo?

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sofreakingtired Sat 19-Aug-17 12:24:48

Hi all

I'm pretty new to this nursery stuff. DD has just turned 1 and started 1 day a week as I am now back to work after mat leave. I know it's a something and nothing, but would I be daft to expect them to give little ones a bib when they're eating? So far we've had two tops stained beyond repair as whatever she's eaten has been splattered all over her, with obviously no bib on, and they haven't washed clean. Am I being stupid expecting them to try and minimise stains by using bibs? I don't want to come across precious by asking them but I also don't want her wearing stained stuff, and I can't afford to be buying new clothes every week! Just wondered if it's the norm before I raise it with them...

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Afreshstartplease Sat 19-Aug-17 12:27:00

At one I would expect them to use a bib yes. I would raise this and perhaps offer to provide your own if necessary.

Other than that try and dress her in darker tops

whyareusernamessodifficult Sat 19-Aug-17 12:28:53

If you're sending bibs in with her I would expect them to use them but I wouldn't expect them to provide them themselves.

2014newme Sat 19-Aug-17 12:29:00

Ask them to use bins, supply your own I'd they don't have them. They used plastic ones at ours. Otherwise keep using the stained ones make those the nursery tops.

JustMumNowNotMe Sat 19-Aug-17 12:31:02

If she does one day a week just have onevot two outfits jist for nursery so it doesn't matter if they stain? When shes bigger you'll have grass stains, paint, mud etc to contend with daily, hence having nursery clothes and nice clothes for home.

sofreakingtired Sat 19-Aug-17 12:32:21

Thanks everyone, will stick a couple in the bag and ask them to use them. Just didn't want to sound critical as the nursery is bloody great in every other way!

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mangomama91 Sat 19-Aug-17 12:45:28

I find it odd that they haven't put bibs on Your one year old! I would definitely expect it! Thinking as someone who's worked in nurseries and as a mother who's had children at nursery too.

PlugUgly1980 Sat 19-Aug-17 12:49:10

Our nursery has the rubber/plastic Tommee Tippee bibs for lunch time, we still get the occasional t-shirt stain from a spillage, but not often. The baby room also have a huge stash of fabric bibs and dribble bibs, and specifically said not to send our own as they'll just stick fresh ones on as and when needed and launder them every day. Simpler I imagine than keeping track of who came wearing what. My advice would be to raise in with nursery initially.

sofreakingtired Sat 19-Aug-17 14:24:26

Good, so I'm not going mad then. I thought I was maybe expecting a bit much and maybe the first time was a mistake but she was covered in some kind of sauce again yesterday where a bib would go - there are clean clothes in her bag too!

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Mountainviewloo Sat 19-Aug-17 14:25:50

My son always comes back from nursery absolutely filthy despite wearing a bib.

I got a bundle of cheap second hand clothes off eBay and that's what he wears to nursery so it doesn't matter if it gets trashed.

Meggie89 Mon 21-Aug-17 20:53:40

I run a nursery and we have a large number of plastic bibs to go around anyone who needs them!

Obviously accidents may happen (soup is a tricky thing!) but I expect bibs to be put on our under twos in the "baby room" and they are even available to any twos who may need one whilst they refine their eating skills.

If the setting doesn't have any of their own or are not looking at purchasing some I would pop a couple into little ones bag and ask them to be used during meal times.

sofreakingtired Mon 21-Aug-17 21:02:02

I will do, thanks. It's fairly obvious that one just hasn't been used sonwill see them when I take her in next and have a couple in the bag.

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mindutopia Tue 22-Aug-17 13:30:52

I expect they probably do. I know our nursery did with the little ones and it didn't matter. With so many children, they couldn't really be on top of them and her clothes still came home pretty stained many days. Vanish gel is magic.

jannier Fri 25-Aug-17 15:06:42

When you are one to one feeding its much easier to stop children's hands wondering up inside bibs but its pretty common practice in nurseries for one person to supervise 4 babies feeding either spoon fed or self feeding. They tend to use their own plastic bibs.

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