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Nowhere to park pram at nursery

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BipBippadotta Thu 17-Aug-17 10:50:34

My son will be starting nursery soon when he's 6 months old. The nursery's about a 20 minute walk from my house and a 30 minute walk from work. The nursery itself is lovely, but there's nowhere to leave a pram. I think most other parents must bring their children on Dutch cargo bikes, but I'm not able to do this (zero spatial awareness and was declared by my most recent cycling instructor to be a dangerous and incompetent road user! It doesn't seem fair to take my baby's life in my hands for the sake of my convenience).

I can bring him in a carrier, but I wonder if this is going to get more and more difficult as he gets bigger and more wriggly - he's already 17 pounds and constantly flailing his limbs. I'll also be carrying my work bag, and all his nursery stuff, and the thought of a 20 minute slog up a hill holding 2 bags with a screaming 20 pound baby flailing around on my chest, in the pissing rain, makes me quite tired.

I wonder if anyone else has suggestions for how to make drop offs and pick-ups easier? Has anyone ever, e.g. locked an umbrella stroller to a nearby bike stand if the nursery can't accomodate?

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Afreshstartplease Thu 17-Aug-17 10:52:40

Could you take the umbrella stroller on to work?

Have the nursery actually said you can't keep one there?

TheFifthKey Thu 17-Aug-17 10:54:21

Is there no room at all? I can see them objecting to big pushchairs but surely if there's space for bags and coats there's space for an umbrella stroller.

LemonBreeland Thu 17-Aug-17 10:54:30

My first suggestion was going to be get a smaller folding pushchair and then nursery may store it, but I see you already have an umbrella fold chair. Surely they must have some small space.

Alternatively can you not take the pushchair to work with you and store it there?

littleducks Thu 17-Aug-17 10:59:46

Our nursery has no dedicated space but parents leave buggies outside door at side of building (nor blocking door way). Hasn't been an issue.

Redsippycup Thu 17-Aug-17 11:03:58

Have you asked? I looked at a nursery and saw nowhere to leave a car seat / pram and that would be a problem as i will drop off and DM will collect. I went back and asked and they had plenty of space, it just wasn't obvious.

BananaFrenchToast Thu 17-Aug-17 11:09:57

If there's a covered bike rack I expect you'd be OK to leave a small stroller locked up there. But ask the nursery for their suggestions.

BipBippadotta Thu 17-Aug-17 12:38:34

They've said they have a firm rule that no pushchairs at all may be left there. They have signs posted everywhere, and reminded me again, rather sternly, by email. I could take it on to work with me I suppose. It would be a bit of a drag but probably not as much of a drag as trying to carry him plus lots of bags.

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insancerre Thu 17-Aug-17 18:42:27

Find another nursery that will let you leave a pushchair
I had a problem shed built at my nursery so that parents could leave a pram

insancerre Thu 17-Aug-17 18:42:47

Problem = pram

friedeggsand Sun 27-Aug-17 07:17:46

I'd get a nursery that allows you to leave a pram there. I find it bizarre that they think otherwise.

Mol1628 Sun 27-Aug-17 07:24:04

I'd just take the pram to work. At our nursery people leave them at the bike rack or take them home.

Changerofname987654321 Sun 27-Aug-17 07:29:13

Ask nursery. Ours has a buggy store (shed) outside in their garden.

wheredoesallthetimego Mon 28-Aug-17 21:36:44

Find another nursery. That is bizarre and suggests an inflexible mindset that will annoy you in the future.

AccrualIntentions Fri 01-Sep-17 07:12:40

I discounted a couple of nurseries when looking around because you either couldn't leave them there or I didn't think the set up was secure. If it's something that's going to make life a hassle every day, I think it's worth considering another nursery if that's possible.

BipBippadotta Tue 05-Sep-17 09:27:10

Glad I'm not the only one who finds this odd. Have found another nursery in the end!

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