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Bright horizons active learning kingston

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user1474373014 Sat 05-Aug-17 14:38:44


I wondered if anyone had any thoughts and experiences about Bright Horizons Active Learning Kingston on Victoria Road. They seem like they have space and resources which is great. There was an incident there in 2014 which I can't find much about which slightly concerns me.

Many thanks from an anxious mummy!

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friedeggsand Sun 27-Aug-17 05:14:20

Yes my child attends there - I think the incident sounded like a storm in a tea cup from my investigations

Child has settled really well - they have solid processes and systems in place and a caring, safe approach

friedeggsand Sun 27-Aug-17 07:14:02

It's also since been rated "good" by Ofsted - that wouldn't have happened if Ofsted were concerned - there was an article in some trade press that clarified the initial incident for me

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