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DD not sleeping at nursery - any experiences?

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TheChineseChicken Thu 20-Jul-17 21:08:00

DD is nearly 13 months and has been at nursery for around 3 weeks, 4 days a week. At home she usually has two naps, for a total of about 2.5 hours. At nursery she's too excited to sleep properly and has maybe two naps of 30 minutes each - sometimes one. She ends up very tired but is always cheery. She sleeps very well at night so no problems there.

Does anyone else have experience with this and does it eventually improve? Is it bad for her to miss this much sleep?

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TheChineseChicken Fri 21-Jul-17 06:54:05


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ImAFurchester Fri 21-Jul-17 06:57:22

Pretty normal IME, my champion napper DS even now doesn't sleep as long at nursery as he does at home - it's too exciting!!

It hasn't done him any harm and he still naps brilliantly at home on my days off & the weekend.

elsiemarleysellsthebarley Fri 21-Jul-17 06:57:35

Both mine were/ are like this. They catch up at the weekend a little but I never cracked it at nursery, sorry!

TheChineseChicken Fri 21-Jul-17 06:59:09

Oh no! I was hoping I would gets lots of anecdotes about how after a month they settled down grin
Well, at least she enjoys it, I suppose. She always looks disappointed when I go to collect her.

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JellyMouldJnr Fri 21-Jul-17 06:59:31

Hi there, neither of mine slept well at nursery (or at home) but they both did better when they went to the toddler room and everyone went to sleep at the same time rather than in the baby room where they might be missing out by sleeping!

Coldhandscoldheart Fri 21-Jul-17 07:01:33

Took us a while to sort this out, getting used to the setting helped a bit. I also sent in a very lightweight grobag with dummy attached on a clip (e only have dummy for naps and night) and that seemed to help a lot.
Have you asked nursery if they have any ideas?

TheChineseChicken Fri 21-Jul-17 07:02:04

That's makes sense. Apparently her key worker has to stay with her until she does fall asleep (or he gives up) otherwise she crawls around disrupting all the sleeping babies. Little monkey

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TheChineseChicken Fri 21-Jul-17 07:03:22

They haven't really suggested anything but said it takes a while. I thought they could just try one nap after lunch but apparently she can't last that long without a cat nap.

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TheChineseChicken Fri 21-Jul-17 07:04:11

Maybe a gro bag would help as it would be more like home

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welshweasel Fri 21-Jul-17 07:10:15

Baby room was a nightmare. As soon as he moved to the next room up when he was 14 months, he started sleeping 12-2 like everyone else. If there's anything else going on he won't sleep!

TheChineseChicken Fri 21-Jul-17 07:12:41

So only another year to go!

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Coldhandscoldheart Fri 21-Jul-17 08:25:10

Oh. Okay, at our nursery they would cuddle to sleep in the baby room. Unless that wasn't what they were used to, but they were quite happy with it, so perhaps she needs a bit more input?

ImAFurchester Fri 21-Jul-17 10:56:27

If she's happy and it's not affecting her night sleep does it matter?

TheChineseChicken Fri 21-Jul-17 12:16:25

ImA no, it's not something that's really worrying me, I was just wondering if this was a common blip or might be an ongoing thing. She does have little purple eyes at the end of the day so I think she could do with a bit more rest.

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FurryGiraffe Fri 21-Jul-17 13:18:55

DS2 took ages to start sleeping properly at nursery. We went through an initial phase of him not sleeping for more than twenty minutes at a time- sometimes less. On one occasion he did a full day on two twenty minute naps (he was 9 months!) It took a good few weeks but eventually he settled and will now happily sleep as long as he does at home. I wouldn't despair just yet.

Brandnewstart Sun 23-Jul-17 02:37:04

My eldest never slept at nursery (went two days a week from 11 months). He didn't affect him too much, just meant he had a mega nap the next day.
Is it an issue for you as in he's very grouchy, or an issue for the nursery? The nursery he attended just shrugged their shoulders and said some didn't sleep and it wasn't a problem.

Brandnewstart Sun 23-Jul-17 02:37:44


HorridHenrietta23 Sun 23-Jul-17 03:09:33

Once they're out of the baby room they tend to want them all to have one long sleep after lunch. She'll settle into a routine, yes, it just won't be one that you've chosen!

TheChineseChicken Sun 23-Jul-17 10:55:40

The nursery isn't fussed. She's perfectly happy and sleeps a lot on her days off so I'm not worried as such, it's just that she looks so tired! But it's obviously fairly common so no big deal

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lovemybabies3 Thu 27-Jul-17 10:26:24

yes my little 1 has attended nursery since 9 months old shes now 19months and has never slept for any longer than half hour in there! she normally sleeps 2-3 hours at home! as she is in baby room some smaller babys sleep in the mornings and awake when all others sleep so shes just nosey! your lucky your little 1 still sleeps good through the night! mine is a little unsettled as over tired but luckily only in for 2 days a week so has a massive sleep the day after our working week is over.

StarryCorpulentCunt Wed 09-Aug-17 14:43:22

My dd will only sleep ON her key worker. He carries her around, snoring on him for an hour. Man has the patience of a saint. At home she is fine.

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